Family trip to cinque terre Italy

Travel Diary: 72 Hours in Cinque Terre, Italy

In June, J and I went on an 11-day trip to Italy with our kids, 72 hours of which was spent in Cinque Terre. Pastel-colored houses, lemon trees, linens hanging on a clothing line, a train running across a beach landscape – it’s hard to imagine anything more picturesque. Add in long drawn out dinners […]

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School Drop-Off Diaries – What To Wear

When I started pulling together what I wear in the morning for school drop-off, I realized it’s a lot of the same thing everyday with some slight variation. Essentially it’s black leggings with lug boots, a white t-shirt, a long camel cardigan and a beanie.

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My Diaper Bag Essentials

Any new mom knows how difficult it is to find a chic diaper bag that can hold all the baby stuff you need. I’m personally drawn to neutral colors like black and beige that blend into my wardrobe. For all the new moms, here are my diaper bag essentials in a cute diaper bag.

birth in the time of coronavirus pregnant coronavirus expectant mothers

Birth in the Time of Corona // Part 1

The anticipation of his birth was riddled with questions and plan adjustments as Julian and I tried to navigate giving birth in the time of coronavirus. As a pharmacist and him being an anesthesiologist, we had access to more information than most but we were still terrified. I hope our experience provides some clarity as you make your own seemingly impossible decisions.

Introducing Brody Emanuel

Welcome, Brody Emanuel

Welcome to our world, Brody! Our son, Brody, was born on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 3:45am. With Perry and Dylan home from school and all of us remaining in quarantine, we have had plenty of time to love on our sweet baby. Brody was named after Julian’s grandfather, Boris, who was an influential presence […]

A Case for Waking up 20 minutes Before your Kids Do parent routine
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Chic and Elevated Places to Buy Maternity Clothes

One morning as I was getting dressed to take my kids to preschool, it occurred to me how my style has ebbed and flowed over the past few years, changing slightly with each life transition. With all these style adaptations, a few things have remained constant, my quest for chic and elevated quality clothing that lasts. Regardless of the role I was inhabiting, I gravitated towards chic and elevated neutral pieces (black, beige, grey) that fit really well.

What to Wear in the Third Trimester

What to Wear in the Third Trimester

I’m still in denial that I’m in the third trimester. Feeling and seeing how my body has changed from week to week has been so special. We all have our insecurities but I never feel as confident and beautiful as I do when I’m pregnant. It’s truly amazing what a woman’s body can do. Feeling my baby glide across my stomach and watching the look on Perry and Dylan’s eyes as they feel their little sibling kick is of one of the greatest moments I have ever experienced. I think it makes

in adoration of the little black dress

In Adoration of the Little Black Dress

Part of me feels like it’s boring to adore the little black dress. There are so many other types of clothing to find adoration for in life. Why did I choose the little black dress? It feels too basic and cliché. It even has its own acronym. It’s quite possibly the most universal item of clothing in existence today. It’s somehow simultaneously always on trend and passé at any given moment. It’s everywhere. Yet, I love it despite what I’m afraid it says about me.

Pregnancy style philadelphia fashion blog most worn items December

My 15 Most Worn Items Lately

While I get immense joy from putting together new outfits, my ever-changing pregnancy body has a mind of its own. Below, you will find my most worn items that

Pregnancy maternity style tips using your own wardrobe from Philadelphia NYC fashion blogger Tanya Kertsman
Winter Work Style Diary, what to wear when it’s cold outside, work wear

Winter Work Style Diary

I have another little surprise I have been excited to roll out over the past few months. Welcome to the first style diary – Winter + Work. The style

baby 3 announcement, philadelphia fashion blog

We’re Pregnant with Baby #3!

Our family is growing! I’m so excited to share that we’re pregnant with baby #3! I’m 20 weeks pregnant and visibly showing as you can tell from

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Top 4 Cookbooks for Family-Friendly Recipes

Let’s talk meal planning, shall we? Specifically, 4 cookbooks for family-friendly recipes that have made a huge difference in decreasing the amount of money we spend on ordering in and going out.

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Where I Shop For Toddler Boy Clothes

Where I Shop For Toddler Boy Clothes

One of the most common questions I get on my Instagram is where I shop for toddler boy clothes. Before I had Dylan, I never thought dressing a boy would be this much fun. I’m happy to report that it’s been so satisfying putting his outfits together. He doesn’t have strong opinions yet on what […]

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Going from One to Two Kids

Going from one to two kids, I immediately felt this immense guilt that I was somehow doing a disservice to my first baby. Perry, was one month away

self-care more than bubble bath mental health inside

Self-Care is More than Just a Bubble Bath

The term “self-care” is thrown around often, especially when it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day. I’m not one to pass up a bubble bath and mask night but there is more to self-care than the latest beauty product. A face mask will fix many things but it won’t fix the work you need on the inside. 

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This is 32 // Birthday Thoughts

I turned 32 at the end of December! Admittedly, I am now religious about pouring some kind of oil or serum all over my face and cleaning out my closet while purging anything that is very twenty-ish because I’M IN MY THIRTIES. However, while browsing through my wardrobe, one item in particular, made me do a double take.

punta cana Dominican Republic family of four trip with a baby and a toddler

Punta Cana Travel Guide

Do you ever have one of those moments when you return to a place that you’ve been to before? As a teenager, I went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with my parents several times. A few weeks ago, Julian and I took our own little family on a fun trip to the same area I used to travel to as a kid.