We’re Pregnant with Baby #3!

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Our family is growing!

Our family is growing! I’m so excited to share that we’re pregnant with baby #3! I’m 20 weeks pregnant and visibly showing as you can tell from these photos. It’s been tough not being able to share the news on the blog with all of you but I felt like I wanted to wait and keep this close before announcing it. It feels so nice having everything out in the open. I’m happy to share this news and thrilled to not have to take photos with strategic camera angles anymore. 🙂

This pregnancy has been completely different from my first two and special in its own way. I’ve really been enjoying being pregnant and the anticipation of welcoming a new baby into our family. However, the past few month have been tough in terms of feeling tired and nauseous. I actually had a feeling I was pregnant when I felt the need to take a daily nap at 3pm. With my first two babies, I considered myself lucky and didn’t feel nauseous. Not to mention, this time I’m taking care of two toddlers while pregnant so it’s been an entirely new world. Julian had to pick up a lot of the slack the first few months while I was napping my life away. It’s really nice to be in the second trimester now and feeling like a productive human being again.

So many thoughts…

I’m sort of nervous about what this all means for our family. It took us a long time to get into a groove after having our second baby. I’m hoping we’ll adjust to our new normal a little quicker this time. If anyone has tips on how to raise three kids four and under, please share. Any advice is more than welcome. 🙂 I’m also seriously concerned about how we’re going to fit three car seats in the car. Speaking of car seats, how will I get my two older kids to school on time while taking care of a newborn? The longer I take to write this post, the more questions I have.

Thankfully, I’ve been in this place of uncertainty before. I know that when I look at the big picture, these are minor worries. I am so happy and grateful for this baby and smile every time I think about our life as a family of five. Just this week, I felt the baby kick for the first time and it all started to feel so real to me.

Thoughts from the older siblings…

It’s also been an incredible experience seeing how excited Perry and Dylan are for their little sibling. Perry was a baby herself when Dylan was born (19 months) and although she was always an intuitively loving big sister, this time she’s older and really processing everything. We’ve been talking a lot about what will happen when the baby comes and everyone is really excited. Dylan was actually asking if there was a baby in my belly before we even told the kids our big news, which is unbelievable.

The kids named the baby, ‘Baby Heart’, and often kiss and hug my belly. Dylan said he also has a baby heart in his belly, which is the sweetest thing ever. I’m a little concerned about how he’ll adjust as a big brother since he’s grown accustomed to being the baby of our family. So far he’s been so loving and asking a ton of questions. We had our 20-week ultrasound and he was extremely upset that we didn’t check the baby in his belly when my ultrasound was done. 🙁

Thoughts on style…

I’ve been having fun putting together bump-friendly outfits. I’ve also had some days when I just couldn’t wear anything other than yoga pants and a hoodie. I’m excited to be on this pregnancy style journey and share my experience with all of you. Sometimes I catch myself planning an outfit and realize quickly that it just won’t work with the bump. For instance, I’m taking a temporary hiatus from crop tops. Unless, of course, it’s layered over a slip dress. A slip dress makes everything okay. I haven’t worn anything maternity yet and have mostly been wearing my regular knit midi dresses to make use of my own wardrobe.

Thoughts on the gender…

On another note, we’re waiting to find out the gender. We found out as soon as we could the first two times but decided to do things differently for our 3rd pregnancy. My type A personality really wants to know so I can start planning things, especially because the results are a click away in my email. But we’re holding off. I keep imagining the moment in the delivery room when Julian and I will find out together as we hold our sweet baby for the first time. I’m willing to wait for that feeling.

This is all so surreal. I can’t believe I’m going to be a mom of three! Thank you all for following along in this next phase of our lives. 🙂

Photo: Joe Mac // Hair & Makeup: Victoria Roggio Beauty

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