Sponsorships and Partnerships 

Some of the content on this blog or my social media is sponsored. I am very particular about the brands I choose to collaborate with and only share products I actually love and those I think my readers will enjoy using. Your trust and my credibility is always top of mind for me and something I take seriously. If something is sponsored, I indicate that within the post. It’s worth mentioning that I only partner with brands that make sense for the blog. For example, I try to eat clean food and cook healthy meals for my family. I also try to use alternatives to plastics. So I would never partner with an unhealthy fast food chain or a company that sells plastic bags. Yes, I indulge sometimes and don’t eat clean 100% of the time but it wouldn’t make sense to me to partner with a brand or recommend a product that I wouldn’t routinely use myself. If I’m partnering with a brand, it means I really enjoy using their products and want to share that experience with my readers.

Thank you for your support and excitement for the brands and companies we feature on Little Blank Diaries. These collaborations help sustain the blog and keep it growing. If you’re interested in collaborating, please email us at littleblankdiaries@gmail.com.

Affiliate Links

Little Blank Diaries uses affiliate links and I may receive a small commission from your purchase. I include these links for products I truly like and want to share with readers.


All content, unless otherwise indicated, is unique to Little Blank Diaries and has been created specifically for this blog and its corresponding social media. If you would like to share something, we would love that and highly encourage it. Please credit our work, whether it’s beautiful photos, editorial content or anything else found on Little Blank Diaries. Email us at littleblankdiaries@gmail.com for permission to share any content found on Little Blank Diaries.

Privacy Policy

We collect “non-personal information” and “personal information.” Non-personal information includes information that cannot be used to personally identify you, including but not limited to demographic data, usage information, platform types, preferences, and content usage. This non-personal information is used in aggregate to track trends and analyze usage patterns on the website so that we can enhance the site. It can also be shared in a non-identifying manner to partners, advertisers and other third parties.  

Personal information refers to your email address, which you submit when you subscribe to updates from Little Blank Diaries. Little Blank Diaries does not sell or share contact information that is entered into this blog.


We use ads as one source of income for Little Blank Diaries. If you feel your company or brand is a good fit for Little Blank Diaries, please email littleblankdiaries@gmail.com to discuss next steps.


If you have any questions, fill out the contact form in the top right or just email me at littleblankdiaries@gmail.com.


Last updated: these policies were last updated on July 28, 2019.