Welcome, Brody Emanuel

Introducing Brody Emanuel

Welcome to our world, Brody!

Our son, Brody, was born on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 3:45am. With Perry and Dylan home from school and all of us remaining in quarantine, we have had plenty of time to love on our sweet baby. Brody was named after Julian’s grandfather, Boris, who was an influential presence in his life and passed away too early. Julian’s grandfather shaped the person he is today – honorable, loving, intelligent, a family man. Brody’s middle name, Emanuel, is in memory of Julian’s grandmother, Eva, – a kind soul who loved Julian deeply. Emanuel also means “God is with us” and “second son” in Hebrew, which we felt was in line with our baby boy. We are so proud to name our son after these loved family members and honor them with a new generation.

Julian was able to switch some shifts at work thanks to his thoughtful co-workers so we’ve had a full week together. I don’t take for granted for a second how precious this time has been. Perry and Dylan refer to Brody as “our baby” and get excited every time he gains an ounce, sneezes or does anything remotely adorable. Julian and I are so tired and hardly sleeping but we’re also very happy to be safe and home with our son. What a sweet and confusing time in our lives with everything going on in the world.

We love you, Brody! You are a gift from God in these uncertain times. Wait until you hear your birth story.

<3 Mama, Dada, Perry and Dylan


One thought on “Welcome, Brody Emanuel

  1. Alina/Mark Kertsman says:

    Thank you very much Tanichka!
    Grandpa Boris was very loving, talented and creative. Whatever he touched was blooming.
    Grandma Eva was very caring and intelligent. She had a beautiful voice and loving heart.
    But they were born during difficult times of the revolution and wars.
    Hope Brody will inherit best of grandpa Boris’ and grandma Eva’s character and soul and will live in peaceful and harmonious time, which will allow him to thrive and prosper!

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