School Drop-Off Diaries – What To Wear

When I started pulling together what I wear in the morning for school drop-off, I realized it’s a lot of the same thing everyday with some slight variation. Essentially it’s black leggings with lug boots, a white t-shirt, a long camel cardigan and a beanie. When I have a few pieces that I rotate every morning, my mornings are so much easier. It’s one less decision I need to make so I can focus on what really matters – addressing my kids’ endless requests for snacks. 🙂

The lug boots have been my favorite purchase this fall. I was searching for a nice pair of everyday black lug boots but everything was either too bulky or too expensive. These have the classic Chelsea boot silhouette with the camel-colored lining being a nice addition. They are waterproof, stylish and bring a nice edgy utilitarian component to an everyday look. FYI, if your size is sold out in the graphic below, try looking here. So many of these items are on sale now – tis’ the season! The sherpa jacket below, another favorite of mine, is less than $70 and the quality is great (it feels like I’m wearing a giant blanket everywhere I go). It’s probably the jacket I get the most compliments on. All of the items below are clickable. Happy holidays!

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