Why I Voted Today and Why I Will Always Vote


While I use my platform to share style and stories about motherhood, I feel compelled to write this post on why I voted today and why I will always vote.

I voted for Perry and Dylan’s future. 

I voted for gun reform and to end gun violence. 

I voted for equality and love and progress.

I voted for my values and what I believe is right. 

There are so many issues I care about in our current political climate but the issue I pay most attention to at the polls is gun reform. If my children aren’t safe in their schools, nothing else matters. I will always vote in favor of gun control. On a daily basis, I think about the gun violence that has plagued our schools and has now become an epidemic. Anytime I’m in a public area, I’m afraid that someone is going to storm through the crowd and start shooting.

If my children aren’t safe in their schools, nothing else matters.

If a candidate doesn’t believe in stricter gun laws and background checks or if he/she takes money from the NRA, that candidate should not be in office and does not have my vote. No parent should send their child to school and never see them again. I use this handy tool to follow the money and check whether a politician received money from the NRA.

I voted today because it’s important to me to participate in our democracy and make my voice heard.  I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t pay much attention to the midterm elections before. I voted in every presidential election I could but never really understand the important of voting in any other election. I do now.

Who to Vote For

I can’t tell you who to vote for but I can share my experience. I will always vote for my childrens’ future. To find out who is running for what and where, go to this Ballot Cheat Sheet tool via The Skimm. Enter your address and receive a personalized ballot cheat sheet so you can see exactly what is at stake for your state.

Voter turnout is historically significantly lower for midterm elections compared to presidential elections. So please get out and vote. We live in a beautiful country and we must protect it. So if it’s raining outside, the streets are closed off, and you can’t find parking-show up anyway and please vote. Don’t let anything discourage you from exercising your right.


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