The Sunday Edit // 11.11.18


Happy Sunday! This was a great week. Perry had her sharing basket week at preschool, which is the Montessori version of show and tell. It was really fun going through old photos of her as a baby and special trips we went on. I went to my first mom’s book club and loved it. We started off with a podcast, Heavyweight-episode 16, “Rob.” Check it out if you have some time. It’s on the longer side but completely worth it. I was hooked and immediately listened to three others-including the episode, Skye. So good! Next month, we’re reading Educated by Tara Westover.

We spent the day in Manhattan on Saturday and had the best time together. We took the kids to the World Trade Center 9/11 memorial and met up with friends for dinner later that evening. The kids were out until 10pm and they were nearly falling off their chairs. We usually have a pretty structured routine and they’re usually in bed by 7/7:30pm so this was out of the norm and they definitely felt it! I also attended the 92Y talk with Eva Chen and Arielle Charnas from Something Navy, which included some great tips on improving your Instagram strategy (see my Instagram stories for details)! I hope you have a great long weekend and enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit!

The Sunday Edit

Seven tips for raising grateful children.

Ten impressive questions to ask during a job interview. I always keep #3 and #7 in my back pocket. I want to make sure that the job is a good fit for me as much as the employer is checking if I’m the right person for the job. Oh, and always make sure you have at least one question.

What political campaigns are really like on the inside, according to five women who know.

The best way to apply foundation for even, glowy skin.

How spies use disguises by the former Chief of Disguise of the CIA. So interesting!

Networking as an introvert and other advice from Man Repeller’s Head of Partnerships. “Ten years ago I would advise myself to commit to the first couple of years as an information-gathering period, and to try not to put too much pressure on figuring out if a job is the “right thing.” I would encourage fresh-to-the-workforce me to pay attention, work hard, and keep finding your people.”

This is such a great holiday gift idea. Green Kid crafts delivers monthly STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) subscription boxes to your door. The idea was invented by a working mom and environmental scientist who realized how important it is for children to exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery and learn about the world around them. The boxes are customized for children ages 2-10+ and reviewed by a panel of child development experts.

12 beautiful children’s books.

8 common arguments against vaccines and why they don’t make sense at all.

In case you missed it, why I voted and why I will always vote.

Have a great week! xo, Tanya

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