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My Diaper Bag Essentials

Any new mom knows how difficult it is to find a chic diaper bag that can hold all the baby stuff you need. I’m personally drawn to neutral colors like black and beige that blend into my wardrobe. For all the new moms, here are my diaper bag essentials in a cute diaper bag.

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We’re Pregnant with Baby #3!

Our family is growing! I’m so excited to share that we’re pregnant with baby #3! I’m 20 weeks pregnant and visibly showing as you can tell from


We’re Having a…

I’m now nine months pregnant! This pregnancy has gone by so quickly, most likely because we’re busy taking care of a toddler. This time around, we’ve been taking it easy


St. Thomas and Breastfeeding in Public

  One of the biggest challenges of traveling with an infant or even daily life with an infant is figuring out where and how to feed your baby. I’ve read about some really crazy experiences women have had where people would tell them to cover up, go to the bathroom, and how generally disgusting it […]


Sweet November

I can hardly believe it’s November already. This year has flown by and i’ve experienced so many wonderful things for the first time. I’m so excited that the holidays are coming up, most of all Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to get my hands on some giant wings! Below are five things I’m looking forward to this […]


12 Things I learned in the First Month of Being a Mama

It all started when I saw 2 lines on a pregnancy test that I didn’t even plan to take in the first place because I didn’t think for a second I could be pregnant. I called J over to see for himself and we both stared at each other in shock at the realization that we […]


A Letter to My Unborn Baby

To my sweet girl, The crib is built. The diapers are stacked. The socks are folded. The shelves are put together, waiting to be filled with colorful books, to be chosen one by one by your sweet fingers for unforgettable story time sessions. The rug is placed, ready to be rolled around in once you start crawling away […]