The Sunday Edit // 9.29.19

Allsaints slip dress with combat boots the Sunday editOutfit details can be found here.

Happy Sunday! This was a great week. J and I celebrated our eight year anniversary! I still haven’t written a post about it because I’m processing the idea that we’ve been together for almost a decade. So much has changed since the beginning but many things have remained the same and I’m endlessly grateful for it. On another note, we have a bunch of family events coming up and Jewish holidays so I spent the past couple days scheduling posts for the next few weeks. I’ve also been immersing myself in the land of Pinterest and working on making it a valuable extension of that you can turn to for fashion and home inspiration. Have a wonderful week and enjoy this week’s links below.

The Sunday Edit

Bad on Paper podcast creators, Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman discuss career goals and what it’s like working together as friends.

A fascinating article about how The Good Place in many ways is a subtle nod to the Trump era. “…The Good Place has consistently tapped into a public curiosity and concern about whether integrity still matters in a country where Donald Trump can run for president, take office, and seemingly get away with doing whatever he wants. (At least until this week, anyway.) The NBC series has accomplished all of that without ever being an overtly political show. Actually, the fact that it isn’t an overtly political show is part of the reason why it’s so effective.”

I’m back to posting outfits on Instagram and it feels good. Would you wear combat boots with a slip dress?

Fall’s reconstruction trend will completely change your wardrobe plans.

Do you still use your ex’s or parents’ Netflix account?

I’ve been really into the ribbed midi dress with knee boots look. Thoughts?

I just ordered this turtle neck midi dress from Mango and can’t wait to wear it with boots and a long structured coat.

Menswear for women is about creating a closet that knows no limits.

How to avoid money mistakes when traveling.

I’ve been on the lookout for a long camel cardigan for a friend and found this lovely duster from Michael Stars.

In case you missed it, the Fall coats I’ll be rotating all season long.

Black dresses for any event coming up on your calendar.

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