The Sunday Edit // 7.4.21

Philadelphia style Tanya Kertsman cider dress

Happy Independence Day! I feel so grateful to be in this country and often think about how different life would be in my birth country, Ukraine, if my parents never immigrated to the United States. I consider it their greatest gift to my brother and me. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating the 4th of July! Outfit details and links around the web below!

The Sunday Edit

Articles //

The difference between French versus American beauty. // DORÉ

How watching Tik Tok before bed affects your dreams. // Bustle

What a lovely idea for a party! // A Cup of Jo

Three simple dangers of the Delta variant. // The Atlantic

Team USA will wear Skims at the Tokyo olympics. This includes undergarments, pajamas and loungewear. // Fashionista

The battle sigh of the old mom. // Gloria

On their 75th anniversary, former president and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter celebrate a record-setting love story. This was so sweet! // The Washington Post

Make sure you’re getting the right protection from your SPF. // Byrdie

How to choose a great pair of jeans. // A Cup of Jo

Retail Therapy //

The dress I’m wearing in the photo above from a new (to me) brand. // Cider

I purchased this dress from Reformation and it’s a classic. I’ve been wearing it with a leather jacket and sandals. // Reformation

This boxy tank top looks so good with high-waisted jeans. // Madewell

This white cap sleeve top is currently in my cart. // The Line by K

I used this sunscreen on my face everyday during our Avalon trip and it felt so smooth. It didn’t even feel like I had sunscreen on. // Goop

The beauty product I’ve been using everyday for the past year and half. // Sephora

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