High-Waisted Pants and How to Style Them

High-waisted pants and how to style them 1

tanya Kertsman Philadelphia blogger
tanya Kertsman Philadelphia blogger

I mistakenly never appreciated high-waisted pants until I had children and realized they were a gift to mothers everywhere. They’re also the only way I wear crop tops. I bought these pants at Zara for less than $40 and I consider them a genius purchase for my vertically-challenged self (I’m 5’3”). They’re from last year and somehow still in stock. Add a crop top (or this one) and you are all set for a summer night (or day) out.

Where might you wear them, you ask? For starters, out to dinner with the friend you haven’t seen since pre-quarantine days or perhaps a work meeting in which you need to appear as your biggest/tallest/strongest self. They’re truly universal. My exact pants are linked above but below are more options for a similar effect. The main question on my mind now is, do I get another pair in the light mauve or copper color?

High-waisted pants

zara palazzo high-waisted pants black Lokal hotel

Photos by Alex Ashman

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