The Sunday Edit // 6.20.21


Father's Day Philly

Hello! We spent the weekend picking blueberries and raspberries at a local farm and playing outside. This is my new favorite photo of the kids. I love how the boys are concentrating on what they’re doing and Perry is looking up at me with her sweet smile. I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day! Keep scrolling for links around the web. 🙂

The Sunday Edit

Articles //

When ‘Love What You Do’ pushes women to quit. // The Atlantic

The percentage of Americans leaving employers for new opportunities is at its highest level in more than two decades. // WSJ

I wrote an article on how much beauty is too much beauty and it’s live on DORÉ! // DORÉ

More about the Delta variant of the coronavirus. // NPR

Why you may feel tired after eating. // Bustle

Sunscreen lip balms that provide protection and moisture. // The Zoe Report

Retail Therapy //

My next read! I can’t wait to read this at the beach. // Amazon

I’ve been wearing these shorts for the past few weeks after trying on a ton of different pairs and they are perfect. // Free People

I just ordered these sneakers for Perry to use as indoor shoes at school. // Zappos

Do you have an emergency kit in your car? My car recently stopped working on our way to swim class and I was left in the middle of the road with three kids. It was traumatizing but it taught me a lesson and I ordered an emergency kit and flare lights that night. // Amazon

I love this one piece bathing suit. // Tan Lines

A lovely black dress with lace details. // Weekend Stories

I wish I could have a bridal shower all over again and wear this dress! // NBD

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