The Sunday Edit // 10.28.18

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Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great weekend. We had quite the week over here. The kids were both sick so Perry was home from preschool and most days were focused on nursing them back to health. I attended a fun event on Wednesday with my friend, Jenny, called “Pink Hour”, at the Sonesta Philadelphia Hotel. The event was in collaboration with a local breast cancer organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and was fashion-focused with an auction of ten fashion portraits inspired by iconic pieces from Christian Dior. This was a nod to the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s newest exhibit, “Fabulous Fashion: From Dior’s New Look to Now.” I’m excited to check it out sometime within the next few weeks.

J is on call this weekend, which means I’ll be catching up on writing and hopefully squeezing in an episode of This is Us with a bowl of popcorn and my comfiest pair of sweatpants. Here are a few links from around the interweb!

The Sunday Edit

How to help the survivors of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. For example, you can donate to the Tree of Life synagogue or the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), a non-profit dedicated to supporting refugees and Jewish communities around the world. If you want your voice to be heard, vote in this year’s midterm elections. Here is a summary of helpful information to have before you go to the polls. Here is what you can do for gun reform if you’re not sure where to start. Did you know you can check whether a politician received money from the NRA here? I found out that Pennsylvania Senator, Patrick J. Toomey, received $910,585 from the NRA. The more you know.

A great nude-colored bag for work and it’s available on Amazon.

Have you read Glimmer of Hope by the founders of March for Our Lives? The authors, student leaders and survivors from the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School shooting, tell the story of how they channeled their rage and sadness into action. They created one of the largest youth-driven movements in history. To further support their fight to end gun-violence, the authors decided not to be paid for the book. Instead, they plan to donate 100% of net proceeds to the March For Our Lives Action Fund, which is working to end gun violence across the country.

The mood of the country, according to millennial women.

On a lighter note, I’m digging this sweater dress from Free People. I’m planning on wearing it with my black over the knee boots and camel coat.

Have you gotten on the plaid blazer trend yet? Here is a past look on the blog.

I love this. I am not responsible for how others see me. “But maybe that desire of mine is, in itself, the problem. According to writer and advice columnist: Heather Havrilesky: our knee-jerk reaction to how others’ react to us is often to try to fix it, and that’s an instinct worth examining. ‘As women, we are not just responsible for people’s understanding of us, but seemingly for their misunderstandings of us, too.”

Why women with ADHD get diagnosed so late in adulthood.

Fifteen long sleeve dresses you can wear during the Winter.

This sweater looks so cozy and I love the color.

Wishing you all the best week! xo, Tanya

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