The Sunday Edit // 10.21.18


Happy Sunday! This week I’m looking forward to some writing time, fun day time activities with Dylan, coffee with friends, and a blogging event I plan on sharing via Instagram stories! I’m planning on writing my Philly guide this week and some thoughts on whether motherhood has changed my style. Enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit!

The Sunday Edit

I started experimenting with products to tame my curly hair in the 7th grade and I’m still coming up with the perfect concoction. When it comes to curly hair, oils are a necessity. I loved this post on a curly girl’s guide to hair oils. I personally use the Verb Ghost Oil and it’s helping to nourish my hair back to health post a color treatment.

You guys loved this fleece-lined hat I posted on my stories. I love that it covers Dylan’s entire head and neck so he can be nice and warm on those cold Fall and Winter days. It comes in grey and pink!

When I watched last week’s This is Us episode on Jack’s experience in Vietnam, I had to know more. The episode was written by Tim O’Brien, the author of “The Things They Carried,” which is next on my reading list.

The self-care lie and how to untangle it.

How to raise siblings who love each other-build empathy. “Talk about the other sibling when you’re alone with one of your children in positive ways. Guess what she might be doing. Speculate that she’s probably missing her sibling, etc. When one child is away, collaborate on a surprise that her sibling can give him when he returns. Brainstorm together (if possible) something one sibling can make for the other, create, draw, etc.”

Twelve issues you should read up on before voting on November 6th in the midterm elections.

Nineteen Fall-friendly coats you can buy for under $150.

An introvert’s guide to healthy social engagement. Are you an introvert, extrovert or both? I consider myself to be both, depending on the situation.

How to beat ingrown hairs once and for all.

Easy ways to feel unapologetically confident. For instance, don’t let mistakes kill your vibe. “When you stutter your way through an important presentation or make a bad call at work, of course you’ll feel off your game for a bit—but remember that slipups can actually make you stronger in the end, as long as you learn something important from them and let that growth empower you.”

Books that every career girl needs to read.

Wishing you all the best week! xo, Tanya

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