A Leopard Skirt for an Everyday Look

You may have noticed a certain animal print making a comeback in a major way. Leopard is back and it’s now completely normal to wear as part of your everyday look, work included. It kind of makes you feel like you’re a 90s off-duty super model out in the city. One leopard skirt in particular, the Realisation Par Naomi Skirt, nearly broke the internet this summer. The reason for its popularity may be that it’s so simple yet so versatile and statement-making. I can remember a time circa middle school (hello leopard platform slides from Steve Madden) when all I wanted to wear was leopard. I then stayed away for years, until I saw this skirt. It looks so effortless yet instantly gives off a stylish vibe.

Most importantly, it’s easy to style and can be worn all winter long. I love it dressed up with a black sweater and mules. However, there is something to be said about wearing it with sneakers and a plain white t-shirt, which I plan on doing. The key is you want it to hit slightly below your knee and have a neutral background. It’s my new go-to for every occasion-slinky and sexy for a night out or trendy with sneakers for a daytime look.

Styling Tips

I will say though that I don’t tend to jump on trends immediately. It takes me some time to decide if it’s a piece I’m willing to incorporate into my wardrobe. In this case, I had a few different outfits in mind before I went for it and clicked ‘add to cart.’ Here are some styling tips I recommend for a print statement skirt:

♥ Pair it with neutral pieces. I think what makes some people stay clear of bold patterns like leopard, myself included, is that it’s very flashy and attention grabbing. However, I can definitely see myself wearing this to the office with a white button-down, black blazer and black pumps. In this case, leopard would add that interesting and unexpected element to the outfit while the overall look would still business appropriate. Flashback to when I worked in a corporate office environment at a pharmaceutical company, this is something I could see myself wearing often. Of course, you know your office environment and what you can realistically wear so it’s a judgement call.

♥ Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Sometimes, it’s nice to play up the flashiness of a leopard print by mixing in another flashy print, like plaid or stripes. If you’re going for it, then commit and don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, even if it’s for just one night.

♥ Pay attention to the details. My immediate reaction to styling this skirt was to keep everything else neutral with all black. However, each piece has an interesting design element. The black sweater has a button-down front with an exaggerated neckline. The mules are just edgy enough while still keeping the look refined. The black balance out the leopard but still has unique details to keep the outfit interesting.

♥ Don’t limit yourself to warm temperatures. You can wear a leopard skirt with a tank top, a turtle neck, a chunky sweater, or a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless. Wear it with sneakers in the summer or with heeled slouchy boots once it gets cooler. Keep it cozy with a long sweater cardigan or edgy with a leather jacket. You can always add tights to stay warm.

Here are some of my favorite leopard skirts that you can wear for an everyday look. What do you think of the leopard print trend? How would you style it?

Location: Old City, Philadelphia // Photos by Shelby

One thought on “A Leopard Skirt for an Everyday Look

  1. I love leopard print and I agree second half of the outfit should be natural color, like beige and definitely black. You are right about how u feel wearing this setting, model off duty.

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