The Sunday Edit // 5.23.21

Sunday Edit Tanya Kertsman Lokal hotel

Good morning! This has been a heavy week. I’ve spent too much time watching reports of antisemitic hate crimes and it’s heartbreaking. Remember when we learned about the Holocaust in middle school history class and it all felt unbelievable that humanity would stoop so low? I remember feeling how something so horrific could never happen again but with the rampant misinformation on social media, I’m not so sure anymore.

Jews have historically never been popular but the recent conflict between Palestine and Israel has brought a newfound darkness to antisemitism. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is obviously complex. I’m praying for peace for both sides and hopefully with this cease fire, the violence will end in both regions and attacks on Jewish Americans will stop.

The Sunday Edit


Jewish groups sound alarm on a rise in antisemitic hate crimes. // USA Today

America just lived through its most online period in history. Are we on the brink of a withdrawal from being online and a move towards the real world? // The Atlantic 

A surprising way to help siblings get along. I love this! // Cup of Jo

As much as I’ve hated on Fox News in the past, they were the only network to report on Jewish hate crimes. // Fox News

Eating beef is terrible for our climate but replacing it with chicken isn’t much better. // Vox

How to cut an onion, with videos. // Bon Appétit

Inside Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s home. I love the chandelier in a farmhouse look and the large glass doors are incredible. // Architectural Digest

Retail Therapy

I stopped in at Target to pick up a prescription and couldn’t resist this swimsuit for Perry. // Target

I bought this cute linen set for Brody in dark green and can’t wait for him to wear it. The light beige is already sold out but I’m keeping my eye on it. // H&M

I buy these water shoes every year for the kids. They’re comfortable and don’t slip off! // Zappos

These are my official shorts of the Summer. // Revolve

A cute swim coverup for the beach for less than $20. // Target

This is a great jumpsuit for everyday and perfect for getting dressed quickly in the morning. // Revolve

I love these underwire bathing suit tops. // Revolve


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