The Sunday Edit // 5.16.21

Chic work outfit style rut spring summer

Happy Sunday! The highlight of my week had to be the CDC announcement. How are you feeling about it? I’ve gone out without a mask twice now and to me, it was a combination of the feeling I have when I realize I left my house and forgot to put a bra on and simultaneously very liberating. Although of course the first question my kids asked me is why they still have to wear a mask so we starting talking about vaccination and you know the rest.

My heart is hurting from what is happening with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and I’m praying for peace and better days. There are too many unnecessary fatalities, on both sides. I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful week. <3

The Sunday Edit


The reason why proving you’re not a robot with captchas is getting harder. Also, did you know that Google uses captchas (which include transportation photos of crosswalks, fire hydrants, and traffic lights) to train their self-driving robots to drive better and to improve Google maps? My mind is blown. // Vox

How to tell if your skin barrier is damaged and what to do about it. // Byrdie

Disinformation in Russia is worse now than during the communist era. “Our job is to give people the chance to make up their own minds,” she says. “As long as there are free spaces on the Internet, people should decide for themselves if they want to be deceived.” // npr

What the media gets wrong about Israel and how the news tells us less about Israel than about the people actually writing the news. The author suggests that “that the cumulative effect has been to create a grossly oversimplified story—a kind of modern morality play in which the Jews of Israel are displayed more than any other people on earth as examples of moral failure. This is a thought pattern with deep roots in Western civilization.” // The Atlantic 

Are remote workers less engaged? // Vox

There’s been an increase in beehives stolen across France, worth tens of thousands of dollars, and beekeepers are blaming an international network of beekeeper thieves based on the sophistication level of the crime. // npr

An interesting perspective on how the CDC has lagged behind the research and offered mix messages to the American public. // The Atlantic

How Chinatown’s aesthetic was originally built as a survival strategy. // Vox


Retail Therapy 

I ran out of my favorite cleanser this week and quickly reordered what I think is now my fifth bottle. // Summer Fridays

I ordered a few new nail polish colors from Olive & June for the summer. // Target

This cute summer baby outfit was a hit on the blog this week. // H&M

A pretty summer dress that I can’t wait to wear. // Reformation

I love this girl’s bathing suit and it’s less than $20. // Target

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