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Hello! How are you? Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I’m very much late to the game on this but i’ve been staying up late every day this week watching Arrested Development. I can’t believe I never watched it when it was originally on. Have you seen it? I almost wish I didn’t discover it for the amount of time I’ve spent watching it this week.

We slept at my parents house yesterday and Perry came across my box of barbies from childhood. It was pretty special but surreal watching her discover for the first time the toys that I spent hours and hours playing with in my childhood. Obviously, I grabbed a barbie and we got ready for all the dolls to go to the ball. 🙂

The Sunday Edit


This author makes peace with her lower back tattoo. // Gloria

American jews need allies against antisemitism. // Kveller

How to manage postpartum hair loss. // The Zoe Report

Waiting out the wild housing market. // The Atlantic

How this author stopped saying horrible things to herself. // The Cut

Have you seen the Friends reunion yet? This was one of my favorite shows in high school. // Rolling Stone

Twenty years ago, every move a pop star like Britney Spears was scrutinized under the thin veil of misogyny. At the time, it was the norm but now, we’re starting to second guess it. “Samantha Stark, the director of Framing Britney Spears, thinks social media also has a role to play in our current impulse to look back. ‘In the early 2000s and in the ’90s, whenever someone on TV asked Britney if she was a virgin, or about her breasts when she was a teenager, it was just on TV and we consumed it. Then it went away,’ Stark says. ‘There was no way to immediately comment on it like there is today. Today if that happened, within five minutes it would be up on social media.'”// Vox

The Postal Service is preparing to replace its current fleet of vehicles with these new electric fuel-efficient trucks. // The Washington Post

In the Disney movie Cruella, fashion is demonized. // NY Times

Retail Therapy 

If you’ve been thinking about starting a journal, this one is beautiful and it’s less than $10. // Target

I’m so excited for this book to come out. // Amazon

These girls’ two-piece swimsuits come with a rash guard on top. Love it. // Target

A cute midi summer dress perfect for beach days. // Abercrombie

This floral top looks great with denim shorts. // Revolve

My new favorite jumpsuit, perfect for that school drop-off life. // Aritzia

On a related note to jumpsuits, here is an adorable romper that can make your life…complicated. // McSweeney’s

Did you know Natori bras are available at Nordstrom Rack for over 50% off? Love these bras. // Nordstrom Rack

Cute overalls for wearing around the house. // Nordstrom

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