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Happy Mother’s Day! I’m writing this a day late because we spent Sunday with family and it was lovely and although I did try to sneak away to finish this post a few times, I didn’t get more than a line or two done before hearing one my babies yell out “mama” without the patience to wait more than 30 seconds. Such is life. I’m sure many of you can relate. 🙂

The other day, we were at the park and Perry saw two girls playing together a few feet away. I could tell she really wanted to join them but something was stopping her. The next few minutes were one of the most dramatic moments of my week. She stands in one place for a minute and then starts making her way toward them, as though gathering the courage to do something monumental. In her quietest voice she whispers, “can I play with you?” They don’t hear her. I tell her that maybe she could try saying it a little louder. She stammers a little and then tries again, this time louder in a strong voice. One of the girls looks up and after what feels like the longest silence of my life, says “no, I don’t think so.” I immediately look at Perry to see her reaction. She’s undeniably sad and looks up at me to see my reaction.

We walk away holding hands and I try to think of what to say to make the hurt go away. I tell her, “it’s okay. Maybe those girls just needed some time to play together on their own. Let’s see if we can find someone else to play with. Or we can go down the slide together. I love playing with you.” We hug it out, she quickly recovers, sees a friend and they run off to the garden area together, carefree and happy. Is that not one of the hardest parts of motherhood – protecting your babies but also giving them the freedom to put themselves out there for someone to either embrace them or stomp all over their tiny beautiful hearts? I’ve had my share of girl drama as a kid so this one hit close. Moral of the story, I’m proud of her. She was seeking something, went for it, and although it didn’t work out, i’m proud of her for being brave enough to try. Have you had a similar moment with your daughter? How did you handle it? I would love to hear how it all went down.

The Sunday Edit


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