A Letter to My Unborn Baby


To my sweet girl,

The crib is built. The diapers are stacked. The socks are folded. The shelves are put together, waiting to be filled with colorful books, to be chosen one by one by your sweet fingers for unforgettable story time sessions. The rug is placed, ready to be rolled around in once you start crawling away from me. The globe is resting on an angle, waiting to be spun and pointed at with your questions about the world.

I’m ready for you and I want you to know how deeply you are loved. More than you can possibly imagine. As my mind wonders to thoughts of holding you in my arms in just a few short weeks, these are the promises I make to you.

  • -ŸI will remember how I felt when I found out I was pregnant and the look on your dad’s face when I told him right after. Suddenly, nothing felt as important as that moment.
  • -I will remember hearing your heart beat for the first time and understanding that you were a real person doing everything you could to grow and get ready for the outside world.
  • -I will remember sitting in the park in Philly, surrounded by kids laughing and playing on the swings, as your dad and I anxiously opened the note that told us you were a girl and suddenly feeling like everything was real.
  • -Just like I protected you for the 9 months I carried you, I will continue to protect you throughout your life and do everything I can to prevent anyone from hurting you until you are old enough to defend yourself.
  • -I’ll teach you how to stand up for yourself when you need to and how to tell if someone is trustworthy.
  • -I’ll teach you to respect yourself and marry a man just as good as your dad and grandpas.
  • -I promise to get really messy with you. We’ll play in the mud, bury daddy in the sand, dance in the rain, jump in the leaves, and make angels in the snow.
  • -I will read to you often and be patient as you learn how to read yourself. We won’t just read picture books but also long stories filled with adventures and poems so you can soak in new vocabulary and we can be immersed in a different world together.
  • -I will do everything I can to help you feel safe while still giving you the space you need to grow and become your own person.
  • -I will love you this much forever, whether you’re 2 or 52. Even if you do something I don’t agree with or make mistakes, I will show you how much I unconditionally love you.
  • -I will take the time to laugh and play with you and won’t let my endless list of chores get in the way. I’ll keep in mind how quickly your childhood will go by and that there’s only so much time we have for you to call me mommy and for us to have play time.
  • -I will believe in you when you don’t feel confident in yourself and continually remind you what a wonderful person you are.
  • -I’ll show you what it means to have a meaningful and healthy relationship and what qualities to look for in the man you end up falling in love with.
  • -When you have your first heartbreak, i’ll think back to mine and tell you everything you need to know to help put the pieces of your heart back together again.
  • -I will use every teachable moment I recognize as an opportunity for you to learn something, no matter what I’m doing or how busy life gets.
  • -I will expose you to different people and interests to help you figure out who you are.
  • -I promise to listen to you and talk to you about anything you want, even if it’s uncomfortable. I’ll listen to your secrets and fears and tell you the secrets and fears I had at that same age.
  • -I will continually try to be a better person and someone you can look up to when you’re a grown-up yourself.
  • -I will travel the world with you.
  • -I will encourage you to follow your dreams because they’re your dreams and you’re not required to be a reflection of me.
  • -Looking down the road to your wedding, I’ll be in the room alone with you, adjusting your veil, fluffing your dress, putting on your necklace, and telling you no woman has ever been this beautiful.



6 thoughts on “A Letter to My Unborn Baby

  1. Tanichka, my love, this is the most amazing and touchable letter I ever read in my life. It made me cry. My baby will become mommy soon. You are going to be the best mommy in the whole wide world to my grand babichka and you still going to be and I will still call you my baby. You are my star, my pride, my world and everything!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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