Sweet November

Fall leaves

I can hardly believe it’s November already. This year has flown by and i’ve experienced so many wonderful things for the first time. I’m so excited that the holidays are coming up, most of all Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to get my hands on some giant wings! Below are five things I’m looking forward to this month. Feel free to add some of your favorite things about November below!

The movie, Spotlight

This movie is about the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the shocking scandal of child molestation and the subsequent cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese. The reporters won Pulitzer Prizes for their work. I have been excited to see this movie for months. I love watching movies centered around journalism because it gives me glimpses of what life could have been like if I went to journalism school. Check out the trailer on YouTube, it’s a must-see.

Baby story time

As someone who volunteered then worked at a library in high school, one of the first things I did when Perry was born was look up whether the Free Library of Philadelphia had any baby story time classes and I’m happy to say that they do. I’m not sure how much of it my 2-month old will absorb but I’m excited to go with her and for her to interact with other babies while I meet other mamas in the neighborhood. It’s also an excuse to get some fresh air and find the nearest La Colombe.

The release of Adele’s new album, 25

There are some songs that are so meaningful, they bring you back to a particular time in your life. For example, the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s greatest hits album brings me back to senior year of high school, driving around with my friend, Maria and most likely heading towards Barnes & Noble or the mall. 🙂 Adele’s previous album, 21, is an emotional collection of some of my favorite songs, that came out while J and I were planning our wedding. I remember listening to Rumour Has it while we had our twice weekly meet up at LA Fitness to work out together. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. I’m so excited to hear the new album, 25. Her voice, her lyrics, everything about her songs makes you reflect on your own relationships. From what I’ve read so far, while 21 was a break-up album, 25 will be more of a make-up album, as in making up with herself and making up for lost time, which we can all relate to.

The holidays

Confession-I enjoy listening to holiday songs and looking at Christmas decorations. Most people are into the whole holiday spirit thing and there is so much excitement and anticipation as everyone rushes to get all their gifts in time. I love dressing in multiple layers and deep reds and snuggling under the sheets in warm fleece pajamas. This year is particularly special because i’m on maternity leave and i’ll be doing all of these things with my daughter and J when he’s home. Who knows..we may even get matching pajamas. I’m only half joking.


I couldn’t not include Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. Eating turkey wings, catching up with family by the fireplace, drinking coffee on the porch, and not watching the football game that’s on in the background but still appreciating it for its white noise effect..these are a few of my favorite things. Last year, I was a Thanksgiving newbie and decided to cook turkey for the first time. Too bad I bought it the day before Thanksgiving and the only ones left were 25 pounds. It was just the two of us. Let’s just say we got our money’s worth and ate the rest of that turkey for the next 2 weeks. Also, notice I didn’t say Black Friday. I prefer to do all my shopping on cyber Monday, on the couch and in my pajamas. There’s nothing I love more than a great deal but it’s not worth getting up at 3am. I’ve had enough 3am wake up calls from my tiny human alarm clock. 🙂

What are you most looking forward to in November? Comment below!

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