Why Fall is Good for Relationships

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When the weather gets cooler, everything gets better-including relationships. For as long as I can remember, fall has been my favorite time of the year. It’s the sound of leaves crinkling and breaking underneath your shoes. The smell of smoke coming from a neighbor’s chimney. It’s the tree that’s fading from green to yellow to orange to red that tells you fall has arrived. As new autumn smells permeate the air, mother nature sets the scene for a brand new beginning. Here are 15 reasons why fall makes your relationship even better than it already was.

A fresh start
To me, September is synonymous with fresh starts. It brings me back to the night before school starts, laying out my brand new outfit and school supplies and excited for the fresh start that a new school year brings. As a kid, fall is the beginning of everything. The spirit of change is in the air. The weather is changing (depending on where you live), new things are happening and it’s all so intoxicating. I may not have any more first days of school but my childhood memories have me used to thinking of fall as a time for something brand new and exciting. Fall is all about change and fresh starts and who better to experience that with than your significant other?

Cozy mornings in bed
I love a cold Sunday morning wrapped up in a cozy down comforter and cuddling with my man. We usually don’t have any plans until J watches football at 1pm so we’re more likely to linger. If i’m lucky, J will make some coffee and bring it upstairs so I can drink it while feeding Perry. I’ve been obsessed with coffee since college and went cold turkey while I was pregnant so now I really savor my morning cup. I’m not ashamed to say it’s actually the very first thing I think about when I wake up.

Cooler weather
There’s something about cooler weather that makes you want to curl up on the couch with your significant other. The weather is imperfectly perfect. I really enjoy the contrast of a warm day followed by a chilly night. Warm weather is practically unheard of in November on the east coast but that’s the beauty of fall, it’s consistently unpredictable.

Walks in the park
Before we had Perry, it was easy to make excuses on why we couldn’t go outside that day-too much work to do, dinner has to be made, laundry has to be folded, my hair has to be straightened, etc.  Now, I make it a priority to go for a walk at least once a day so Perry can get some fresh air. Sometimes we wait for J to come home and go together. We love taking cold brisk walks around the neighborhood all together or exploring parks in the area. I feel like fall is the perfect time to have a baby (if you were considering planning your baby making in advance) because there are fewer temperature extremes so you can really maximize your time outside.

The holidays are an exciting time of the year, starting with Halloween. It’s fun to brainstorm unique couple’s halloween costumes together. J has been working on halloween pretty much every year we’ve been together so i’m hoping that next year he’ll be off and we can think of a unique little family halloween idea.

School supplies
Your spouse has brand new ammunition he can use to make fun of your love of school supplies since there are huge sales happening right now and you just snagged a brand new box of markers for half the price. Ever since i’ve been in school, I have loved school supplies. There’s something about a new pack of colorful pens or the smell of a brand new notebook that gets this writer/nerd excited. You’re probably wondering why in the world an adult needs markers but there’s a perfectly logical explanation here. It helps me color code my planner.

TV shows
Fall brings new TV shows you can watch together when you don’t have enough time to get through an entire movie or when you have a baby and 30 minutes is about all you can spare for couch potato time.

Fall scenery
There’s something about the air-it’s clean, fresh and smells amazing. I love walking down a tree-lined street. The canopy of fall foliage is enchanting and the perfect back drop for a day with your hubby. Being surrounded by vibrant colors and the sound of fallen leaves blowing across the street feels like you’re starring in a romantic comedy and about to profess your love to your unknowing best friend.

Weekend trips
If your vacation time is quickly dwindling, fall is a great time to go on a weekend trip with your love. It’s not freezing or snowing yet so you don’t have to worry about driving in a snowstorm or getting snowed in at your destination. It’s the perfect time to relax, have a leisurely breakfast and enjoy the autumn smells.

What’s more romantic than cuddling with your love under a blanket in front of a crackling fire? I severely dislike cold weather but when it starts to get chilly, a fire is a great way to turn up the heat with your significant other.

Snuggly book weather
Because it’s a lovely feeling to be wrapped in a toasty blanket fireside with a good book while your hubby checks ESPN on his phone.

Football season
I’m not at all into football but I love sitting on the couch next to J while he watches the game and I do some writing. Now we have Perry in the middle who stares at the TV and seems to enjoy watching football as much as J. I’m in trouble.

Scary movies
I know you can watch scary movies together any time of the year but they are so much better in the fall. It’s fun to get into the Halloween spirit, hopefully minus the terrible nightmares.

I recently had the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies, which is unlike me because I usually just buy the Chips Ahoy! variety when I’m in the mood for something sweet (red package only)! I love a toasty home though and I remember how much I loved coming home to the warm smells of my mom cooking something delicious. Sometimes I get in the mood to try to recreate that so J has a similar feeling when he comes home after a long day. Next week i’m planning on making Apple pie. Wish me luck.

Stews & soups
I started cooking with butternut squash a few weeks ago and I now realize i’ve been depriving myself and my family of delicious food. Whether it’s a savory soup or a spicy turkey chili, I love them all and they all taste and feel like home to me. A week ago, I was in the kitchen making butternut squash soup while J was watching Football a few feet away. It wasn’t anything special but the sun was shining through the windows, the house smelled like a farm (in a good way), and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like I was being pulled in 20 directions. It isn’t always the grand romantic gestures that show you how in love you are with your partner. It’s a casual Saturday afternoon, making lunch for your family while your husband watches football and changes your daughter’s diaper. Proof that the littlest things are sometimes the biggest things.

Which season do you think is the best for relationships? Thanks for reading! xo, Tanya

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