Summer Basics You Can Live In

There are certain Summer basics I live in and wear repeatedly. My Summer attire admittedly fluctuates between a black midi dress or a ‘denim jeans, t-shirt and slides’ combination. The beauty is in the cut of each piece, which ultimately transforms the outfit. Will the t-shirt be white, tan or black? Tucked in or loose? Low-cut or high-neck? The possibilities are endless and I enjoy the black canvas.

Below, are the Summer basics I wear on rotation. I have the wide shoulder top in black and white and love mixing each one with light denim shorts and a pair of Keds. This outfit also happens to be engrained in my head from the moment I saw Jennifer Grey dancing down those steps in Dirty Dancing with her short shorts and white Keds on. It was an iconic outfit – simple but just as trendy today as it was then. Similarly, in the scene in which she and Patrick Swayze are dancing in the studio, she wears denim shorts with a white shirt tied strategically to look like a much sexier crop top. I love the linen white button-down below, which can be tucked into shorts or worn as a swim cover-up. Or you could turn it into a crop top. 🙂 Side note, who else converted their oversized shirts into makeshift crop tops in high school? I certainly did! Whether you’re planning on being at home all Summer or heading to the beach, these basics are all you need.

Summer Basics You Can Live In


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