The Sunday Edit // 7.5.20

family photos brother and sister philadelphia style

It feels like these two are always up to something. 🙂 Since having Brody, it seems like their bond has gotten deeper. Whenever I need to feed or change the baby, they are happy to play together. It’s been really incredible seeing them mature in subtle ways – singing to Brody, throwing away a dirty diaper, and trying to be as gentle as possible. Their love for each other and for their baby brother is so pure and honest. They just genuinely love him and I’m grateful for it.

The Sunday Edit


Non-Americans are sharing the bizarre things that Americans think are normal. This was hilarious! // BuzzFeed

What street style will look like after coronavirus. // The Zoe Report

A great article on how Black women writers have led revolution through literacy. // The Everygirl

Princeton University to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from public policy school. // NPR

Quarantined consumers are still shopping for clothes but they’re putting more thought into it. // Fashionista

I’ve been reading this cookbook and feeling motivated to start eating clean again. // Amazon

A bittersweet moment for Black bookstore owners. // NPR

Retail therapy

I’m late to the biker shorts trend but i’m kind of into it now. // H&M

These are the most flattering shorts I’ve seen in a while. They’re high waisted and have a looser fit. // Revolve

I’ve been stalking this blanket from Target and anxiously waiting for it to come back in stock. I’m eyeing the color, natural. // Target

I remember going to Payless with my mom when I was about seven-years-old and buying a very similar pair of Keds.

My favorite hoodie is back in stock. The material is so unbelievably soft. // Shopbop

I just ordered this infrared forehead and ear thermometer. It was completely sold out a few months ago. // Amazon

The portable potty I always take with me on day trips with the kids. // Amazon

The hand cream I always keep in my purse. // Amazon


Photo by Sarah Jessica Hall

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