The Sunday Edit // 7.12.20

Philadelphia blogger, the Sunday edit

There’s something about this photo that makes me smile – Brody’s inquisitive look, my happiness, our togetherness. I can just imagine myself looking back on this photo twenty years from now and remembering this moment in the park, taking a break from everything. Just sitting together enjoying the sunshine while Perry and Dylan run around with Julian. These kids make everything better. Despite everything happening in the world right now, I just really love this time at home we have together. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. <3

The Sunday Edit


Are you on a vacation or a trip? A helpful and hilarious guide awaits you. “If you have packed one or more “throw-up bags,” clearly, it’s a trip. If you packed a training potty, not a vacation. A trip if ever there was one. If you break into a complete sweat loading the car and/or overhead storage compartment you spent a small fortune on because you thought it was kinda cool, well, that’s a trip.” // HuffPost

Condoms can teach us a lot about face masks. // Refinery29

I love Drew Barrymore’s entire outlook on life. // InStyle

Why Roxane Gay travels. // Condé Nast Traveler 

Five ways to make your swimsuit look more stylish. // The Everygirl 

Everything you need to know about the 2020 election. // Refinery29

Borrowed from the boys – the men’s button-down shirt. // We are Doré

In case you missed it, Summer basics you can live in. // Little Blank Diaries

How to ask for a raise in the middle of a pandemic. // InStyle

Retail therapy

These leggings are unbelievably comfortable (high-waist, not too tight) and I love all the neutral tones. // Alo Yoga

A large beach bag and it’s on sale. // Banana Republic

A linen button-down, perfect as a beach cover-up. // Mango

The sweet outfit Brody wore this week. // H&M

I’m waiting for these heels to go on sale. // Shopbop

Amazon has biker shorts for a reasonable price and they come in different colors and lengths. I have the black five inch high waist shorts. // Amazon

A cute beige hat for the Summer. // Urban Outfitters 

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