Fall Style Diary: The Pieces I Can’t Wait to Wear

trench coat with Zara jeans and madewell t-shirt

[one_third]trench coat with cropped jeans and a white t-shirt[/one_third][one_third]Philadelphia fall fashion[/one_third][one_third_last]Affordable trench coat from Abercrombie[/one_third_last]

Do you ever really want to wear something in your closet but instead wait for the right occasion or set of circumstances? Lately, I’ve been struggling between putting on what I really want to wear, a great pair of jeans with at least 3.5 inch sandals and a chiffon top with pouf shoulders or what I know I should wear – drawstring shorts and a tank top. The former feels like a better representation of myself. The latter is more likely to survive bits of strawberries and soft cheese thrown in every direction – an outfit I’m less likely to be precious about. Maybe I need both to feel whole?

I’ve spent over a year wearing endless variations of sweatpants, and the occasional pajama bottoms, that I’m starting to think that my personal style is changing, at least for the time being. This fall, I’m looking forward to dressing up a bit more and even wearing the occasional pair of heels, even if it’s just for preschool drop-off, because where else is there to go when you’re working from home during a pandemic?

I’ve rounded up fall pieces that I can’t wait to wear, both casual and dressier, whether it’s to go from the kitchen to the couch or perhaps even venture outside, to get groceries. My trusty default is well-fitted jeans, a t-shirt and a great layering piece. Here’s a fun reel showing this outfit in motion. If there’s one piece you’re considering adding to your wardrobe, I recommend a long trench coat, as shown above. It’s a classic that you’ll find yourself reaching for often in the morning, even just to layer it over a pair of sweatpants?

Fall Style Diary


Photos by Daria

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