Girl Meets Library #1: Poetry

Welcome to Girl Meets Library, a monthly book series with my latest reading recommendations. For me, it all started with a library card. I can still remember the feeling of scanning the book aisles of Highland Park Public Library when I was six years old, searching for the newest Sweet Valley Kids book. In high school, I worked at our local library and when I say worked, I mean I pretended to reshelve books while reading behind strategically placed carts.

I love books and libraries for a number of reasons. As an immigrant, books helped me understand my bicultural identity – learning how to assimilate in America while trying to understand my heritage. The fictional lives of my favorite storybook characters taught me how to fit in, understand American customs and learn English while my home life taught me how to stand out. More recently, reading at the end of the day has been my very necessary me time. When my kids are sleeping and all the tiny Legos are put away, Miles Davis’ Blue in Green plays in the background. I take a look around, and dramatically fall back onto the couch. If I don’t fall asleep in four minutes, I read. If you’re feeling like scrolling social media has taken over what little free time you have, meet me here every month for the next installment of Girl Meets Library.


I’m starting the first Girl Meets Library post with poetry. What is it about poetry that makes us crave it in certain moments in our lives? Months go by and I hardly think about it and then one day, there’s nothing I want to read more. So many times, it feels as though I find just the right poem when I need it the most. To feel like someone has been through what I’m going through. To know that they ended up okay. I admire these authors for somehow putting to paper what many of us are thinking about. Below are some recent poetry books I’ve read if you’re not sure where to start or you’re looking for your next favorite poem.

poetry books pillow thoughts Courtney peppernell, rupi Kaur the sun and her flowers

If you have an hour to yourself while your kid attends ballet class, start with Letters to the Men I have Loved, a great book to read on a park bench while people watching every few pages. Comment below with suggestions on what to read next. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Girl Meets Library #1: Poetry

  1. I love poetry!!!!! Is there a place where we can share our favorite poems??? I feel like it’d be so beautiful! I store all my favorite book quotes in my phone, imagine sharing the deepest and greatest / favorite parts of a book too? Let’s discuss this reality!!!! Thank you for this amazing and inspiring share!!!!

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