Lookbook: Fall Booties

Happy Halloween everyone! Though this outfit isn’t meant to be scary (I hope), it is meant to keep you stylish and warm in the photo-83fall. My weekend uniform lately has been consisting of grey skinnies, a basic top and black booties. Mixing and matching different shades of white, black and grey gives you a nice contrast and keeps the outfit from being too dark. It was a little chilly so I put on an ecru jacket to keep myself warm. The black booties have a wedge heel so they give you that extra height without sacrificing comfort. Cozy and chic!

I love the lean look of grey jeans and these in particular create a flattering silhouette. I included a few different variations below for your viewing pleasure!

Gone are the days where I can just throw on a light summer dress with sandals and go on with my day but I’m really enjoying the fall weather. You can do much with layering and mixing light and dark shades. Plus, there’s just something about fall in Philadelphia, even the air smells different!

What is your weekend uniform? Is there an item you find yourself reaching for more often than others?

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My outfit details:

Moto Jacket: Zara

Black Faux Leather Sleeves Top: Windsor

Necklace: Ann Taylor

Teardrop Necklace: Poshlocket

Jeans: J Brand, also love these, these, and these.

Boots: Last season, but find similar styles here, here, and here.

Lipstick: Relentlessly Red, by MAC

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