leather jacket

Lookbook: Fall Booties

Happy Halloween everyone! Though this outfit isn’t meant to be scary (I hope), it is meant to keep you stylish and warm in the fall. My weekend uniform lately has been consisting of grey skinnies, a basic top and black booties. Mixing and matching different shades of white, black and grey gives you a nice contrast […]


Lookbook: Tulle Love

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a tutu skirt? I imagine a graceful ballerina happily dancing on a stage to a classical masterpiece. So to recreate and modernize that feeling, I paired my tutu skirt with a navy and white striped tank top for a contemporary day version. A tulle skirt […]


Lookbook: Dress the Party

Look #1             These army-colored skinnies look a little more girly when paired with fabulous heels.  I especially love the plain black top with leather sleeves.  It’s a small detail but adds an interesting texture to the outfit.  Use promo code, WINDSOREMAIL10, at windstorstore.com to get 10% off the top and […]