Commuter Trouble And How to Avoid It

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Whether you’re driving, taking the train, or walking to work, there are certain commuter essentials that will make your life easier and help you avoid the dreaded five words that come to mind when nothing seems to go right before 9:00 am: this is not my day. Here are 7 items I try to always keep in my bag to stay ahead of the Monday morning curve.


Since my hubby was getting fed up with my phone constantly dying on me, he gave me a phone charger to keep in my car. Ever since then, I’ve made a habit of plugging in my phone as soon as I get into the car, so I don’t need to worry about my phone losing power at the most inopportune moments. I also have a wall charger I keep in my purse (I love ‘The Transport Leather Tote‘ by Madewell) that I can use while i’m in the office and in between meetings. It doesn’t seem like anything monumental, but I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in not just my stress level but also with my loved ones. Right Dad?


When I know I’ll be walking for a while, I like to have ballet flats in my purse that I can quickly change into when necessary. Although I love wearing heels, I’m not trying to be a hero! When I previously walked to work, I would leave home wearing flats and carry my heels (these Zara heels are gorgeous!) in a bag. When I got to work, I would quickly change into the heels and have the flats ready in my bag for the evening walk home. This is especially useful when you’re walking around in the city. Bonus, your heels will last longer because you’re avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.


No explanation needed.


I’ve been carrying around a notebook (my go-to is a Moleskine) with me ever since I was little and discovered the wonders of school supplies. I have one notebook I use for my full-time job and another I use for blog-worthy ideas or any editorial work I’m doing. When I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I like to look at my notes for possible topics or ideas I may have jotted down weeks before. Bonus, it’s small and can easily fit into your handbag without adding much weight.


I learned this lesson the hard way; yes, even after I had orange soda spilled on my wedding dress and my lovely cousin came to the rescue with her magical stain eraser pen. Years later, I found myself in the same predicament, except this time I was the one that spilled coffee all over myself (I still blame the mug) a mere 5 minutes away from work. I quickly drove over to the nearest pharmacy, bought myself 2 Tide Pens, and have kept at least one of them in my purse ever since. Granted, now that I have one in my purse, I haven’t spilled anything on myself, but I know that day is coming, and this time I’ll be prepared.


Ever since one gloomy day when I walked home from work and found myself in a torrential down pour; I always have a small umbrella somewhere in the bottom of my handbag or in my car. Are you sensing a pattern here? I’m happy for you to learn from my past mistakes. Umbrellas are so compact now, you can put one in your purse now and forget about it until the next time it rains, and you surprise yourself with just the right tool conveniently located close by in your purse.


These are especially helpful if you’re a train commuter and using your precious travel time to get some work done. I love to people watch so reading or writing in a high traffic area never works well for me. Wearing headphones allows me to tune out my surroundings and focus on the task at hand. When you’re done, throw them back in your purse, and you’ll have them handy for gym dates as well.

Now you know why I need to carry a big purse to work every day! I hope my hard earned lessons have taught you some valuable tips on avoiding unnecessarily stressful situations and always keeping these basic necessities close at hand.

Which commuter essentials do you keep in your purse? Thanks for reading! xo, Tanya

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