Commuter Trouble And How to Avoid It

Whether you’re driving, taking the train, or walking to work, there are certain commuter essentials that will make your life easier and help you avoid the dreaded five words that come to mind when nothing seems to go right before 9:00 am: this is not my day. Here are 7 items I try to always keep […]


How to Prepare for Your First Day at a New Job

The night before your first day at a new job isn’t much different than the night before your first day of school. Some of the same thoughts may be crossing your mind- will I fit in? Is this the right place for me? How will I present the best version of myself? The first day can set […]


Customize Your Office Space to Reflect Your Personality

We are all given the same blank canvas when starting a new job: a chair, a desk, and a few basic office supplies. Whether you keep your space as minimal as possible or start bedazzling every object in close proximity is entirely up to you. Most people organize their space in a way that reflects their […]


Contributor for ProfessionGal

Some of you may know that I contribute to ProfessionGal, a blog dedicated to thinking outside of the cubicle and developing your creative talents as an occupation. I’m a huge fan of the site and love the way all the gals approach their careers. The articles are categorized based on whether the author is a […]


5 Ways to Maximize Your Business Travel Experience

When J dropped me off at the airport last Wednesday, I was feeling a mix between excitement for my 
impending trip to Chicago and some separation anxiety. I was traveling to represent my company at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting; an event attended by more than 25,000 oncology professionals worldwide with a […]

philly blogger

An Insider’s View on Marriage, Career, Fashion, and Balance

I started this blog because I wanted to write about things I like.  About a year and a half ago, my husband and I got married, started new jobs and moved to the city.  To say that my life has been full of changes and new beginnings would be a huge understatement! In addition to […]