An Army Green Slip Dress

Fleur Du Mal teardrop army green slip dress Army Green Slip Dress shop sixty five philadelphia style blog Army Green Slip Dress shop sixty five philadelphia style blog

It’s true, the slip dress can be unforgiving. Its lightweight material hugs every curve and bump. Thin straps adjust to show as much as you want. A pronounced silhouette somehow leaves little and everything to the imagination. And yet, it’s difficult to move through a clothing rack and not stop to admire its nuances. Particularly, when it’s an army green slip dress. It’s the dress you wear on its own with strappy sandals when you want to show your more playful side but not overtly. It’s also the dress you wear with a bulky sweater and ankle boots on a chilly day.

I must say, i’ve accepted its unforgiving nature. My body has been through a lot the past four years. Two pregnancies, nursing and the recovery that comes with each of these major life events. I don’t mind a bump showing here and there. I’m proud of my body for everything it has done to sustain two beautiful lives and I commend the slip dress for revealing these changes while still helping this mom feel feminine and a little, dare I say, sexy. Although, let’s not get carried away. I’m still a mom packing lunches and rushing to drop off her kids at preschool most mornings.

The beauty of a slip dress is the ability to style it in endless ways. Whether it’s with a soft bulky sweater or a leather jacket, strappy sandals or combat boots, a t-shirt underneath or bare shoulders, the slip dress is always there for you and reflects how you want to present yourself that particular day. It’s my spirit dress.

Army Green Slip Dress shop sixty five philadelphia style blog

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Shop Sixty Five

A little about the Philly boutique where I was first introduced to this army green number. When I first walked into Shop Sixty Five, my eyes didn’t know where to land. The store is beautiful and perfectly curated. Located on 17th street between Walnut and Sansom, their selection of designers is unique to the area. The owner, Linda LaRosa, carries coveted brands like Current/Elliott, Fleur du Mal, Rag & Bone, Michelle Mason, Ronny Kobo, and Rebecca Taylor, It’s nice having a local boutique to try on and purchase pieces from top designers that are typically only available in online retailers and department stores.

As I walked further back into the store, something shiny and delicate caught my eye. The dress. A slither of green silk peaked through amidst more structured pieces. The teardrop army green slip dress from Fleur Du Mal that I’m wearing in these photos is the quintessential slip dress but redefined. Its delicate nature and soft silk material is balanced by the dark army green color. It’s the dress you want to wear when you want to show some skin, but in your own way. I reach for my slip dresses equally as often for a romantic night out with Julian or a lunch date with a friend, pending some styling adjustments.

For more Fleur Du Mal pieces, check out the dresses below or do what I did, head on over to Shop Sixty Five and see them up close for yourself.

 Slip Dresses

shop sixty five Philly boutique rittenhouse shop sixty five Philly boutique rittenhouse

Location: Old city, Philadelphia // Photography: Alex Ashman // Clothes borrowed from: Shop Sixty Five

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