The Sunday Edit // 10.13.19

The Sunday Edit from Philadelphia style blogger, Tanya Kertsman

This past week, we went to the Old City Jewish Center for shabbat dinner and it was lovely. My family doesn’t normally (or ever) have shabbat dinners so I love the opportunity to experience it with others. It wasn’t even the religious aspect that most appealed to me. I loved the idea of sitting down for a meal and bringing together a mix of friends and strangers to form a new community.  Have you done anything recently that was outside of your comfort zone? On that note, have a great week and enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit links!

The Sunday Edit

How the founder of Poo-Pourri, Suzy Batiz, got her million-dollar idea. “Suzy grew up poor in a small Arkansas town. The only doll clothes she had she sewed herself. Nobody was thinking about paying for pretty smells. “It’s surely the reason I’m a natural maker,” she says.”

Five books from the Pennsylvania Conference for Women that I immediately added to my reading list.

Asking for a friend-is it ever okay to eat week-old crab curry at work?

Three surprising things you should be cleaning in the dishwasher. I was mostly surprised with number three.

The bra I’ve been wearing for years and swear by. Plus, it comes in several different colors.

This wrap satin skirt will look so good with a tailored black and white coat.

How to raise a reader.

Fashion blogger, Aimee Song, talks about her style and not trying too hard. Her number one style regret? “Wearing uncomfortable heels in the snow or trying too hard during fashion week especially when I first started doing New York Fashion Week. Looking back at the photos, I look uncomfortable and I look like I’m trying way too hard.”

Where I shop for toddler boy clothes.

Three older women on what actually gets better with age.

I’m really excited to try this recipe, shrimp & linguine with piccata compound butter.

How to write clearly if you’re an intuitive thinker.

The differences in living in Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.

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