25 Ideas for How to Spend a Summer Day

1. Visit a local flea market for some unique finds.
Old City2. Reorganize your closet and create piles for donating clothes to charity, selling clothes to a consignment shop, and clothes destined for the trash can.
3. On a rainy day, binge watch a new TV series or host a movie marathon pajama party.
4. Pretend you’re a tourist and discover your own city on a Hop on Hop off Bus Tour.
5. Bring a stack of magazines to a park and catch up on some light reading material or delve into the novel you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found the time for yet.
6. Go to the Beach! I couldn’t not include this one.
7. Take a trip to the farmer’s market and cook something you’ve never made before.
8. Have a water fight. Remember those days when you were a kid and you would fill up some water balloons, find cheap water guns or even your garden hose and go to town in the backyard? You’re never too old to turn your backyard into a water park.
9. Make homemade popsicles.exps20712_LT10348D5
10. Learn a new hobby, whether it’s that photography class you always wanted to try or starting to run to stay healthy and get into shape. Consider doing a run like a 5K so that you can work towards a goal.
11. Check out local events in your town like carnivals, fairs, or other fun events throughout the summer.
12. Go camping at a campsite or your own backyard. Get a tent, tell some spooky stories and get back to the basics.
13. Watch a movie outside at the park.
14. Treat yourself to a self-serve spa day, including a DIY mani/pedi, drawn-out bath, face masks, hair masks, and anything else you can think of!
15. Look up reviews and try a new restaurant. Some delicious places we’ve recently been to are Pennsylvania 6, Fork, Noord, and Le Virtu.
16. Pack a picnic basket with cheeses, baguettes, wine, water, fruit and other tasty snacks.
17. Stock up on supplies from Target or Paper Source and create your own personalized greeting cards.HBO-Bryant-Park-Film-Festival-3
18. Bring any sports equipment you have to the park and make it an athletic day, whether you’re playing tennis, basketball, baseball or even just a game of catch.
19. Take a walk in Old City, Philadelphia and step into some of the art galleries, walk by the water, shop  at the numerous independently owned boutiques, or just walk around and experience the charm of one of America’s most historic towns.
20. Take a mini road trip to a nearby town.
21. Go strawberry picking and create homemade jam or strawberry-shortcake from the fruit of your labor.
22. Hang out around a bonfire and enjoy those sweet summer nights while drinking cognac from a flask.
23. Have an early dinner party outside and sit around talking until way after it gets dark.
24. Read on a rooftop in a crowded city.
25. Find a pool, jump into the pool, and spend the rest of the day alternating between a game of Marco Polo and water volleyball.


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