The Sunday Edit // 3.15.20

coronavirus Sunday edit

Happy Sunday. Many of the articles in today’s roundup are related to COVID-19 but not all of them. I hope this week’s Sunday Edit brings you content to stay informed regarding the coronavirus but also a nice distraction with fashion-related posts. We can stay connected with the 24/7 coronavirus news coverage and also read something completely unrelated and fun to keep us all from going crazy, especially when practicing social distancing.

In other news, I’m 37 weeks pregnant and excited to meet our baby. Little did I know a few months ago that I would be giving birth in the middle of a pandemic, our parents would be quarantined and hospitals would be on the brink of being overloaded if the spread of a virus is not contained. It’s hard to believe this is real life. I’m obviously concerned but thankful to have supportive family and friends who are there for us and always checking in during uncertain times. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. I’ll be here washing my hands incessantly and double fisting hand sanitizer.

The Sunday Edit

How long will it take to develop a coronavirus vaccine?

This Amazon seller has 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer and nowhere to sell them.

I finally packed my diaper bag for the hospital and shared the bag I’m using on Instagram stories. It’s not easy to find a functional diaper bag that also looks chic but three pregnancies later, I finally found one.

This two-piece striped set from Free People is lovely for the Spring and Summer.

The fashion world is being upended by coronavirus.

How to read food labels, from free-range to fair trade. What is a legitimate food label and what is a marketing-driven label? Do you ever wonder what organic really means? “Organic farmers fertilize their fields with composted manure. They try to control insect pests and harmful fungi with natural predators, by rotating their crops or by using chemicals that exist in nature, such as copper. Growing grains, fruits and vegetables organically typically takes more work, and the fields typically produce a little less food, which is one reason that it’s more expensive.”

With the coronavirus and infection control on the top of everyone’s minds, more employees are working from home because of the coronavirus. With that in mind, how do you stay successful when your work environment is changing for the foreseeable future and Netflix is just a few steps away? Here are some tips that have helped me stay focused while working remotely both as a Pharmacist and writer.

A clean body lotion for less than $10.

Jane Birkin on her best outfit ever.

A high-school commute, by Colin Jost.

J and I love this espresso machine. He’s working on his latte art and I’m enjoying my home-made lattes.

The socks I recommend to all my friends for ankle sneakers.

Why we don’t force our kids to share.

The handshake is on hold – how people are dealing with social contact and dating in the time of coronavirus.

How social media shapes our identity.


Photo by Sarah Jessica Hall

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