Monday Morning Links

I thought it would be fun to feature a weekly roundup of articles and other things I have my eye on. I’ve never really done one before but I like the idea of being able to share good reading material and what is currently on my radar with you guys. So here is the first one.

A few things I’m excited to tell you about:

This article on everyone apologizing for the delayed response in their emails. We’ve all seen the meme that “adulthood is emailing ‘sorry for the delayed response!’ back and forth until one of you dies.” Maybe it’s okay to take your time and write a well-thought out email.

You know from my Instagram stories that I love Poke Bowls and can eat them anytime of the day and multiple times per day. It can get expensive though so my friend, Karen, recommended I make my own. Here is a great site you can use to get delicious Poke Bowl recipes or if you have the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, the latest bikini series plan has a sushi bowl recipe that has made it to our list of revolving dinner options.

I love a clever graphic tee. Express has really fun ones that aren’t expensive. Some of my favorites are this, this, this and this one.

These Zara faux-pearl sandals are gorgeous. I was originally unsure but decided to try them on and they look great.I’m thinking of wearing them with white cropped jeans and a plain t-shirt.

A great post on how to nail a phone interview.

Did you know breast pumps haven’t changed much since the Civil War? I recently posted a photo on my Instastories of my breast pump, which is pretty large. I had to drag it with me to a birthday celebration in NYC this weekend (happy birthday, Inna!) because I couldn’t go hours without pumping. Here is an article on a new type of breast pump that could make pumping (and traveling with your pump) easier.

Speaking of nursing, I have successfully binge watched the entire second season of Master of None while nursing Dylan. It was wonderful in every way. If you’re looking for your next show, check it out!

A powerful story by journalist, Alex Tizon, who wrote about his family’s slave. She lived with them for 56 years and raised him and his siblings without pay. He was 11 years old when he realized who she was.

Have a great week! This week, I’ll be in newborn land (and for a while after) but hopefully we’ll get to venture outside a few times. Dylan is one month old! We’re also celebrating my brother’s 18th birthday this weekend. I can’t wait.

Have you read anything interesting this week? Comment below!

xo, Tanya

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Links

  1. Didn’t realize Master of None was back on! I loved the first season – thank you for the recommendation BTW! Now I have a show to binge watch this weekend 🙂 Have a great weekend of celebrations!

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