Top 21 Amazon Prime Day Picks I Own

amazon prime day top 21 picks I own, philadelphia blog

It seems like I get an Amazon Prime delivery nearly everyday and for good reason. Instead of making it a point to stop by the store for diapers or a few extra pairs of socks, I just ‘add to cart’ and get what my family needs in two days. I always tell Julian that I don’t know how people parented before Amazon Prime. I save so much time not needing to drag the kids with me to run errands for every minor thing.

With Amazon Prime Day, there are a ton of different deals happening but it’s overwhelming having to sift through it all. I went through and collected my favorite items, all of which I own and can personally recommend. For example, a portable charger that has become a life saver. My family always makes fun of me for letting my phone get to 2% so this is my solution. Also, not to miss- the Vitamix blender I use for all my recipes is on major sale. It’s a splurge but worth it. We bought ours after seeing a demo at Costco and have no regrets.

I’m also including the Instant Pot that I purchased during last year’s Prime Day. It can be used for soup, stews, eggs, yogurt and so many dishes that normally take a while to cook. I often use it to make brown rice because the rice comes out with a perfect consistency that I haven’t been able to achieve with the stovetop. Lastly, these are the ankle socks that I recommend to all my friends (when they’re looking for sock recommendations) because they’re no-show and look great with sneakers.

Below are my top 21 Amazon Prime Day picks. If anyone sees pull-ups on sale, please let me know!


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