The Sunday Edit // 7.21.19


Happy Sunday! I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist for a skin check for Julian and myself. Julian suggested we get lunch after the appointment and make a day out of it. So an innocent doctor’s appointment has turned into a date! This is marriage/parenthood/your 30s. 🙂 This weekend, we’re celebrating Julian’s birthday and making doctors’ appointments. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit!

The Sunday Edit

Why do we care about what we look like during sex? “It’s an interesting dilemma: to be obsessed with ourselves, but not for the benefit of ourselves.”

This morning routine may save you 20+ hours a week.

A lovely white linen peplum top for the summer that looks great with denim.

Six ways to challenge yourself to be better with money. “Though we all know what we should be doing, there’s a difference between knowing and doing. According to a 2017 CareerBuilder report, 78 percent of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck — and 40 percent can’t cover a $400 emergency.”

Why this author doesn’t apologize to her children when they get vaccines.

A grey crop top that looks great with high-waisted pants and it’s $14.

The Amazon Prime items I own and personally recommend.

My mom just bought these woven mules and I’m obsessed. They come in camel and white.

The lace-up flat sandals of the summer. Every time I wear them, someone stops me and asks where they’re from.

What’s better- sugaring or waxing? I haven’t tried sugaring but found this article helpful for some background information.

Why moms need to start including themselves in family photos.

In case you missed it, why I made the decision to rebrand.

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” -Nora Ephron

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