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Is it strange that i’ve been enjoying the simple life recently? I go back and forth between feeling restless and needing to be as productive as possible to feeling quite the opposite. This morning, I nursed Brody in my bed and read my Kindle while drinking a warm mug of coffee as everyone else in the house slept. Knowing that in the next hour, the house would get exponentially louder and I would hear tiny little footsteps climbing up the steps to my room, I started to recognize the moment for what it wasn’t. There was no rush to shower, get dressed, make breakfast or commute anywhere. There were no plans and no over-scheduling. Mornings have been pretty great recently. I stopped reading for long enough to look down at my baby and truly savor the moment. It won’t last forever and one day soon he’ll need more than just simply being in my arms. In that moment, life felt really good despite everything.

Also, life tip – I’ve been programming coffee the night before for 5:30am the next day so it’s ready and I can reach for it even while in a catatonic state. Maybe that’s why my mornings have been better? It doesn’t matter, i’ll take it. Without further ado, here are this Sunday’s links from around the web.

The Sunday Edit


Everyone is trying to get an antibody test, but are they accurate? // Refinery29

No testing, no treatment, no herd immunity, no easy way out. // The Atlantic 

Twenty-four hours at the epicenter of the pandemic. // The New Yorker

Moms are multitasking more than ever now and it’s burning us out. // Motherly

In case you missed it, the first part of Brody’s birth story. // Little Blank Diaries

I recently read about this root cover up spray and ordered a bottle to test it out. My grey hair is coming in hard and fast so I’m crossing my fingers. // The Zoe Report

Can you curate a fashion museum exhibition from home? // Fashionista

What matters to Gen Z during COVID-19 in terms of marketing. // Vogue Business 

In a pandemic, is wellness the same as being well-off? // The Cut

When NY needed hospital space, individuals with unique talents stepped in, such as film location scouts. // The New York Times

Retail therapy

A nice pair of short jersey pajamas. // Nordstrom

These boyfriend jeans have a slim fit and they’re on sale. // Abercrombie

A beautiful lightweight sweater that you can wear with the buttons in the back. // Sézane

I can’t wait to wear this graphic t-shirt with a blazer and layered necklaces. // Anine Bing

A blush and highlighter duo from Kosas. // Sephora

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