The Sunday Edit // 4.26.20


the Sunday edit How I'm Wearing Textured Knits This Spring

Are we on week seven of quarantine? I’m losing track. I can tolerate being home pretty well and for the most part I enjoy it. Lately though, I’m finding myself wondering when this will all be over. Our days have somehow felt both long and short. Between breastfeeding discreetly during Zoom calls and helping the kids make pizza virtually with their class while trying to get Brody to fall asleep, it feels like I need to be in five places at once. By the time we put the kids to bed, J and I are both exhausted. Normally, we would relax and watch a show together but I’ve been using this uninterrupted time to write and keep up with the blog. I also did a little retail therapy this week, which I hate to admit it, really helped.

I’m noticing and finding joy in the simple pleasures in life – the first sip of a cup of coffee in the morning, a smile from Brody, Perry and Dylan getting into bed with us in the morning, reading a great book. I’ve always been one to romanticize these moments but now more than ever, I’m trying to notice and appreciate them. The days are starting to feel the same and the sleepless nights are taking their toll but these moments help make things feel better. I sometimes wonder how this will effect my big kids and how they’ll remember this time. The other day, Perry told me out of nowhere, “Ugh, this virus!!” and honestly, I just nodded my head because I get it. I’m excited for the day we can run around outside, meet friends at the park, and give grandparents big hugs. How are you guys doing?

The Sunday Edit

The struggle for abortion access during the coronavirus pandemic. “My life matters. My sons’ lives matter. Forced birthing does not sound like freedom. It does not sound like America. It is dystopian, devastating, and unconstitutional.”

Can you still donate and sell clothes during the coronavirus pandemic?

COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of brand transparency. “The current health and economic crisis is exacerbating issues that were already present in the fashion industry, including overproduction and how to dispose of excess inventory as consumer discretionary spending decreases, normal trade conditions are disrupted, and retail stores remain closed.”

How single mothers in New York City are coping with quarantine.

My Sephora sale favorites, including my favorite mask from Summer Fridays and it’s not the Jet Lag Mask.

In case you missed it, my article was published on Create & Cultivate – How To Mentally Prepare for the Week Ahead During COVID-19.

I’m excite to read Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain. Grace Atwood posted a review on her blog and I can definitely relate.

I loved reading about the behind-the-scenes of shoe designers and their dedication to the craft.

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  1. I’m loving all of your posts and so grateful that you continue to share your life and thoughts! Quiet by Susan Cain has been on my nightstand for some time – looking forward to your thoughts on it! You may like “introverted mom” by Jamie C. Martin, it had a huge impact on me and helped resolve a lot of mom guilt. Stay safe and well!!

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