The Sunday Edit // 1.6.19

The Sunday Edit 2019 Lokal Hotel Philadelphia blogger

Happy 2019! It feels like I was just writing last week’s Sunday Edit since it was a short week. The start of a new year is one of my favorite things in life. I’m so excited and feeling energized for the year ahead, including but not limited to all the books I plan to read and the posts I plan to write. If you have any topic recommendations or things you’ve been dying to read about, leave me a comment below! I end up including 90% of suggestions in my editorial calendar. I hope the start of your year is wonderful and exceeds your expectations. Here is this week’s Sunday Edit!

The Sunday Edit

What makes an outfit satisfying?

What I learned when I gave up fast fashion.

How to get your 2019 budgeting goals right.

Six things real bookstores have. For me, the scent of a bookstore is everything.

My slip dress obsession continues and I’m loving this hunter green version.

J and I watched Bird Box this week and it was incredible. We both felt it was terrifying but not in a horror movie type of way, especially as parents of small children. You need to watch it to understand!

An explanation of makeup brushes and their individual uses. I feel like I probably should have read this four years ago.

I’ve had these espadrille sandals for years and you guys seem to love every time I post them.

This is a gorgeous ivory knit skirt for the Winter/Spring.

You guys loved this bag when I posted it on my Instagram.

World-renowned tidying expert, Marie Kondo is on Netflix! I seriously can’t wait to watch this and organize my life.

Twelve beautiful children’s books.

I just stocked up on candles and purchased several from Madewell. This one and this one are my favorite.

In case you missed it, my thoughts on turning 32.

Location: Lokal Hotel // Photography: Alex Ashman

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