The Sunday Edit // 1.13.19


We have no plans tonight (Saturday night) so I’m taking this opportunity to put on a face mask and write The Sunday Edit. This week I started an online creative writing class that I’m really excited about. There’s something about the idea of being back at ‘school’ that feels new and exciting to me. I would love to take a live class in the future but for now, scheduling and childcare doesn’t really allow for it. Here are some fun links from around the internet. Hope everyone has a great week!

The Sunday Edit

This may not come as a surprise to you since it’s THE month of organization, but lately I’ve been feeling so motivated to organize our house and finally hang up family photos. In other words, turn our house into a home after living here for four years. I recently posted on Instagram that I organized all of my bathroom products with two of these shelves. I’m really happy with how everything turned out and now I’m ready for my next project, which is putting coat hooks by our back door and a stand alone clothing rack in the office. This is the one I purchased from Ikea. It’s very simple and inexpensive and perfect for the look I’m going for. Here is my inspiration board so you can get a sense of my end goal.

The Tone It Up (TIU) Love Your Body series (my favorite of all the TIU meal plans) starts tomorrow, January 14th! Are you joining the fun? 🙂

I love how structured and stylish this bag looks and it’s $45. It has a shoulder strap and looks like it can fit a laptop so it’s a nice affordable option for a work.

Fifteen people confess their vices by way of haiku. I especially connected with the one about Venmo stalking.

I just purchased several candles from Madewell on sale and love all of their scents. This one is my favorite in ‘Forest.’ I keep it right by the front door so the house smells amazing as soon as guests walk in (and obviously for us too).

Another gorgeous Reformation dress that is simply but stunning.

The best black suede heels for work that look like the Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Pointy Toe Pump but are a fraction of the price.

I finally saw A Star is Born and it was everything everyone said it was. I can’t stop thinking about. Have you seen it? Equally as interesting to me was how surreal it was being in a movie theatre again. I’ve grown accustomed to watching Netflix at home instead of venturing out in public. Between the self-checkout for purchasing tickets and the soda machines, I felt like I was ninety-years-old and doing what the ‘cool kids do.” It really brought me back to my middle school/high school days when all there was to do in my town was see a movie or go to the mall.

I’ve been getting a few questions on my beauty routine. I wrote this skincare for tired mamas post in July and plan to post an updated one soon. Would you prefer to see a morning-to-night routine or is it easier for the post to be organized by category? Let me know in the comments below!

If you follow me on Instagram, I just posted a fun photo project I worked on with Minted. I’m so excited with how it turned out so now I’m brainstorming other ways to print out and hang up my favorite photos in an aesthetically pleasing way. Any ideas?

I love this weekday wardrobe post by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, especially number four!

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