The Sunday Edit // 1.19.20

the sunday edit Zara dresses that can be used for maternity, long beige knit dress

Happy Sunday! This weekend is all about family time. We went to brunch yesterday in Philly and spent the rest of the afternoon doing art projects, reading books and relaxing at home (my favorite type of weekend). To summarize the week, i’m feeling great and have been going to bed early, which is unusual for me since my typical bedtime is midnight. Going to bed around 10pm helps me find time to read and wake up at 6:45am/7am without having to press snooze five times. It’s been a nice lifestyle change! I hope everyone has a great week. Keep scrolling for this week’s Sunday Edit links around the web.

The Sunday Edit

Should doctors be influencers? “But are medical professionals, whose vocation calls for a sense gravity and professionalism similar to law enforcement or public servants, the right group to be “real” — to share their most vulnerable moments on a platform where their patients can easily find them? And by using marketing to encourage these professionals to open up, is Figs exposing them to scrutiny that could compromise their credibility?”

Have you seen my Amazon shop yet? I added my favorite clothing basics, children’s books, adult books, and toddler necessities. Also, i’m working on a baby necessities list, which requires a long look back. Are there any baby items that made a huge difference for your family?

In case you missed it, classic heels for work that are actually comfortable.

Five things that may make Winter slightly more bearable.

The perfect wrap knit dress for work and it comes in multiple colors.

The cost of free mattress returns. Online mattress seller Casper plans to go public, which forces them to disclose their losses, as in more than $92 million in 2018.

Simple ways to read more books this year.

A fascinating article on natural cleaning products and the EWG rating system.

This leopard chiffon midi dress from H&M is beautiful and affordable.

The cutest t-shirt from Anine Bing.

The millennial problem blindsiding today’s retail workers.

I’m waiting for this sweater to go on sale.

These pointy toe booties will look so great with ankle jeans.


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