The Quintessential Summer Wardrobe

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Outfit details: Top: Loft I Shorts: One teaspoon via Revolve I Slides: BC Footwear via Nordstrom I Bag: Madewell I Sunglasses: Celine via ttrmazon

Since we skipped over spring and went straight to summer, I rounded up some of my favorite items for the quintessential summer wardrobe. I was thinking about the items I’ll be reaching for most often. To me, that includes a pair of light denim shorts with just the right fit, striped tops and the newest addition to my summer wardrobe-one piece bathing suits. These are summer pieces you can wear on a daily basis or pack in your suitcase for summer trips. What do you wear when it’s 90 degrees and you need something comfortable but chic? Check out my picks below for seven wardrobe staples you’ll be wearing on repeat this summer!

What I’m Wearing

The Ruffle Dress

This will be your weekend staple for bridal showers, baby showers, barbecues and any other event that comes your way. Keep it on standby in your closet so you don’t have to stress and wonder what to wear the night before an event. I like to choose dresses that can be styled up or down depending on which accessories and shoes I’m wearing. Ruffles are on trend and add that extra feminine touch to traditional summer dresses.

One-Piece Swimsuits

Swimsuit season is officially here and one-piece swimsuits are back with beautiful cuts and designs. I never thought I would love one pieces this much but they are so cute and practical, especially when you have little toddlers to run after. Check out my post here for one-piece swimsuits at every price point. I have this one and this one and I reach for them even more often than my two-pieces. I came across this black one from Urban Outfitters and immediately loved the plunging neckline and low back. Although it’s a one-piece with great coverage, it’s still just the right amount of sexy. Essentially, one piece swimsuits look good on everyone and I love that you can wear them with denim shorts for an easy and effortless vibe.

Light Denim Shorts

Light denim shorts are a summer staple and what I wear pretty much everyday when I’m working from home. I go to American Eagle for a great wash and an affordable price. One Teaspoon is pricier but one of my favorite brands for denim shorts. The pair I’m wearing above are from One Teaspoon. I purchased them last summer and they were the first thing I reached for once the weather turned warm. The Tomgirl shorts from American Eagle are currently on sale. They’re high-waisted, which I have been lovely lately. I love how denim shorts look with a t-shirt and sneakers-simple, clean, comfortable and stylish.

White Denim (the not see-through kind)

White denim, when done right, looks beautiful on tan skin in the summer. Yet, it’s not easy to find a great pair of white jeans that aren’t see-through and that actually have a good fit. My personal favorites are from J Brand and Rag & Bone, which never disappoint.

Summer Slides

Summer slides are like your trusted flip flops but a little more interesting. The ones I’m wearing above are funky but I’m digging them. What do you think?

The Simple Midi Dress

Topshop is my go-to brand for simple midi dresses in the summer. I recently purchased this black slip dress, which is giving off major 90s vibes. I’ve already worn it twice this week-once to work with a plain white t-shirt underneath and once for dinner and drink with J. The former was work appropriate and the latter was elegant and perfect for date night. For daytime looks, I typically add sandals or sneakers and my trusted tote for a quick, easy look. This dress from Topshop is one of my favorites and is particularly unique because of the cut-outs on the side. I have it in the light pink.

Striped Tops

The Madewell Whisper t-shirt is my winter, spring, summer, and fall staple. If I could wear one shirt all summer long, it would be this one. I love the light, slouchy fit and have it in black, blush, white and grey. I recently bought the striped version, which I love. It has everything you need in a t-shirt-a flattering v-neck neckline, soft fabric, relaxed fit, neutral colors, and it’s NOT SEE THROUGH. I wear this shirt on weekends and even to work with a blazer on top. It’s one of the most versatile pieces in my closet.

What are your quintessential summer items?

Photos by Lauren Herwig 

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  1. Love this post 👍. All outfits looks very well and I would definitely wear it. I choose couple already. Thank you love😘

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