My Love Affair with the 90s


Is anyone else having a love affair with the 90s? As my style continues to evolve, I gravitate more and more to those classic, effortless pieces that look good in any decade. This dress in particular brings me back to the 90s. Although my mother would never have let me wear anything like this being I was in elementary school, I know I would have wanted to and begged her incessantly for it.

If I had been a new mom in the 90s, I would have most definitely opted for simple midi dresses, slingback mules (or as we used to call them in the second grade, CLOGS), and a mini pack.


Becoming a mother comes with a constantly evolving wardrobe, from maternity-wear to easy access clothing for breastfeeding, to “I’m going back to work next week and need to find clothes that fit my new body.” It also comes with a newfound acceptance and not trying so hard to change how you’re supposed to look.

Since I started and stopped breastfeeding, my cup size went from looking plentiful to now being smaller than it was pre-baby. As I’m getting used to my new postpartum body, which seems to change every few months, I’m choosing to wear clothes that fit the new me. For most of my adult life, I wouldn’t have worn anything like this dress because I would worry that it made me look flat-chested and boy-ish. Now, I embrace my new body and wear pieces that enhance it. This dress doesn’t disguise my décolletage, however, it does showcase my curves and I’m digging it. It feels strangely freeing. I’m not trying to cover anything up or enhance anything in this dress. It’s just me and my new post-baby body.

IMG_philly-blogger-street-style-philosophy-madewell-transport-tote IMG_philly-blogger-street-style-philosophy-madewell-transport-tote


Outfit details: Dress: Reformation, (similar here and here) Bag: Madewell I Heels: Steve Madden

Photos by Lauren Herwig 

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