One-Piece Swimsuits at Every Price Point


Although it is cold and raining, Spring is here and it’s never too early to start thinking about cute swimsuits. We just came back from Clearwater Beach in Florida and for weeks before the trip, I was on the hunt for mom-friendly one-piece swimsuits. When I say mom-friendly, I don’t necessarily mean full coverage but more along the lines of coverage in all the right places.

I’m not where I want to be with my post-baby body yet so I wasn’t excited about wearing one of my pre-baby two pieces. I was on a mission to find something cute but not overly revealing. I rounded up some of the best swimsuits I found and tried to include a good variety for different body types. Hopefully this will make swimsuit shopping a little easier this year. I also included some fun kimonos and beach cover-ups because layers are key!

Best Mom-Friendly Swimsuits

IMG_best-mom-swimsuits-family-beach-vacation-revolve-tropical-oasis-swimsuitIMG_mother-daughter-beach-clearwater-vacation-visit-florida-celine-sunglasses-one-piece-swimsuits IMG_mom-two-piece-swimsuit-bathing-suit-high-waisted-swimsuit-mara-hoffman-swim

No matter what you wear to the beach, to me the most important thing is feeling good in your skin. I ended up buying this swimsuitthis one and this one which provided the coverage I needed and helped me feel confident and less self-conscious. Here are the most flattering one-piece swimsuits at every price point! I also included a few high-waisted two-pieces that caught my eye.

I’m so glad I became a mom when one-pieces became cute again. 🙂 If there is anything you’d like me to add, let me know!

Summer Splurge


Under $150


Under $100


Under $50


Under $30


Cover Ups

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