Best Striped Button Down Shirts


Striped button down shirts are no longer just for wearing under suits for job interviews. They’re so easy to style and dress up or down. I love wearing skinny jeans with an oversized striped button down for that effortless, off-duty look. It’s my go-to when i’m in a rush because it makes me feel instantly polished and requires minimal effort. Recently, i’ve been wearing striped button downs under my winter sweaters since the weather has been so cold in Philly.

IMG_casual-weekend-look-best-fitting-denim-rag-and-bone-jeans-perfect IMG_Madewell-transport-tote-what-i-wear-on-weekends-casual-look IMG_IMG_street-style-blogger-philly-philadelphia-russian-jewish-blogger-old-city IMG_Nordstrom-trunk-club-womens-madewell-striped-button-down-transport-tote-nude-bag-rag-bone-jeans

This is a recent outfit I wore that ONE DAY when it actually felt like Spring. I really like how the nude tote looks with a striped shirt here. This look is almost entirely from Nordstrom Trunk Club, which I recently tried out to add some variety to my wardrobe. Trunk Club is basically like having your own personal stylist. As much as I love shopping, I tend to gravitate towards the same clothing. I started using Trunk Club to add some unexpected pieces to my daily style. I’ve received one trunk so far and had a great experience. Before the trunk was sent out, I had the chance to speak to my stylist. She asked me tailored questions to get a sense of what I was interested in receiving.

I also had the chance to preview my trunk and eliminate items I definitely knew I would not want. The entire experience is personalized, which increases the chance of receiving something you really like and need. I received about 12 items total and ended up keeping five pieces. I returned everything else with the prepaid shipping label that was in the box and was only charged for the pieces I kept. All five items are fun additions to my Spring wardrobe that i’m really excited to share with you guys. Three of them are included here-the button down, the handbag and these jeans that i’ve been wearing on repeat.

One of my favorite parts of the Trunk Club app is that you get to see all the outfits that the stylist put together based on the items in your trunk. It was really fun to see different ways to style pieces that I may not have normally picked for myself.

IMG_street-style-blogger-philly-philadelphia-russian-jewish-blogger-old-city IMG_IMG_street-style-blogger-philly-philadelphia-russian-jewish-blogger-old-city IMG_my-favorite-pair-of-jeans-rag-bone-zara-leather-jacket-ecru-ivory

One thing that really helped me was keeping in touch with my stylist via the app. I provided feedback on the pieces I didn’t keep and also noted why I liked the items I did keep. This was additional insight she could use when curating future trunks for me. I also sent some style inspiration photos so she could clearly see what I like. Whether it is an item that is too expensive or just doesn’t fit quite right, I recommend including any feedback you have as well. The more feedback you give, the better the trunks will be.

IMG_Nordstrom-trunk-club-womens-madewell-striped-button-down-transport-tote-nude-bag-rag-bone-jeans IMG_Nordstrom-trunk-club-womens-madewell-striped-button-down-transport-tote-nude-bag-rag-bone-jeans

My outfit details: Button Down shirt: Madewell via Nordstrom I Moto Jacket: Zara (Similar here) I Bag: Madewell via Nordstrom (color: Linen) I Jeans: Rag & Bone via Nordstrom I Heels: Louboutin

Below are some of my favorite stripe button down shirts, including the one I wore above from Madewell. How do you prefer to style your stripe shirts? What is your favorite pair of jeans that you wear multiple times per week? Have you tried Nordstrom Trunk Club? Thanks for reading! xo, Tanya

Photos by Lauren Herwig.

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