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As the seasons begins to shift, so does my wardrobe. It’s not realistic to go out and buy an entirely new fall wardrobe so I love using pieces I already own and mix and match them in a new way that is fall appropriate. This creates a fresh and updated look that you can use as you transition between seasons. I chose some of my favorite looks below that incorporate many of my wardrobe staples, such as blazers, tights, scarves, and leather jackets. I also like to start using earth tones and jewel tones paired with neutral colors like black and beige. Lastly, I start using a slightly darker beauty routine, like a wine-hued lip or a taupe/grayish nail polish.  The burgundy lip especially adds a dash of drama to your look (as long as you stay light on the rest of your face!) These are subtle differences you can use to update your fall wardrobe.  Read on for ways to liven up your fall look without spending a fortune on new pieces.

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Look #1

Look #1- Yellow Scarf

This look incorporates a couple different techniques you can use to transition from summer to fall. The first being this bold yellow scarf. The great thing about scarves is that they completely alter an outfit. For chilly late-summer evenings and early fall days, wear a scarf to stay warm and add a chic element to your otherwise plain top or dress.  Plus, they come in different colors, prints, and textures that you can use to your advantage. You can start with a thinner material in the fall and then graduate to thicker and warmer material in the winter.

The second element about this outfit that I love is the black cardigan. You don’t need to put away your summer tank tops now that it’s getting colder outside. Just add a cardigan, shawl or a blazer for a layered look and you immediately have a fall-appropriate outfit. Macy’s has a great selection of cardigans, including this one from INC International Concepts. Use the code, DEALS, for an extra 20% off your purchase. Lastly, these wedge booties work for the weekend or the office. They’re not only fabulous but also comfortable. You can’t get better than that:)

Look #2

Look #2- Brown Flat Boots

Another way to transition to fall is to start wearing fall hues. I love earth tone colors like dark brown and forest green. If you’re looking for more color wheel options, try orange, red, and mustard yellow. I can’t mention this enough but scarves are a woman’s best friend, especially between seasons. Worn over a dress, t-shirt, tank top, or really anything and you have an instant way to stay warm and stylish. You can also try layering a winter sweater over a summer romper for a fabulous, unexpected look. The outfit here is a great casual look and to me epitomizes fall seasonal colors. Leggings with over-the-knee boots and a sweater with a white t-shirt underneath is a fabulous weekend look that you can quickly throw on before you head out. Check out ASOS for a versatile grey pocket sweater and use the code, SUMMER4EVER for 20% off your purchase.

Look #3

Look #3- Black Leather Jacket Look

This is really just a plain cotton t-shirt and jeans look but it’s also layered with a leather jacket. The jacket and heels really bring it up a notch. Also, I love layered pearls, especially with a neutral outfit. This timeless necklace is an assortment of faux pearls, stones, and chains. This piece takes the guess-work out of figuring out which necklaces to pair together because it comes as a ready-made assortment. This pearl and gold chain necklace is on sale at Ann Taylor. Enjoy 30% off your full-price purchase and 40% off sale items, no code necessary.

Layering is a great strategy for extending your summer favorites. Keep it simple to avoid being over powered by your clothes. I suggest not using more than three levels of layers at one time. Also, you don’t need to retire your cream-colored bags just because it’s getting colder outside. Wear the bag with darker colors for a fabulous fall look. Go for a darker denim jean, which in general looks more polished and put-together. Light and faded denim looks nice and carefree when the weather is warm but a bit out-of-place when it’s colder outside. A great pair of dark fitted jeans can transform an outfit.

Look #6- Color Block Dress Plus Blazer

Look #4

My latest obsession has been color block dresses. I think they look so simple yet sophisticated and are perfect for work or a classy night out. This black and white color block dress from Zara can transition from summer to fall with the addition of a blazer and fabulous shoes. Blazers add structure to relaxed summer dresses or more conservative sheath dresses. Roll up the sleeves if it gets hot or combine the blazer with a mini dress and black opaque tights for some wintery sophistication. Zara has an assortment of well-structured blazers you can choose from.

Look #5- Summer Dress Conversion

Look #5

You don’t have to put away your summer dresses. Get some extra mileage out of your favorite sundress by layering it with tights, boots, and of course you can always add on a blazer. Throwing on opaque tights under a light dress can transform your look from summer to fall. Now instead of just using items from your fall wardrobe, you can add a few extra months to that beautiful summer dress you’re not ready to part ways with just yet. Layering on jewelry is also a great look. I like to combine chunky necklaces with simple necklaces that have some element to tie them together, such as the color or metal type. Aldo has a nice collection of ankle boots plus you can use the code, SLDAY13, to get 15% off your purchase. I especially like the Dolly pointy toe ankle boots.

Look #4- Grey Sweater Red Shoes

Look #6

I love layering button down shirts with a sweater on top. Paired with skinny jeans or skinny pants, this look works for work or the weekend. These blouses are so versatile; you can pair them with anything from skinny black pants to pencil skirts, mini skirts, and boyfriend jeans. They work wonders when layered with sweaters, jackets, and vests, which makes them the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall. I love layering with chunky necklaces and this red bag is such a great fall addition to your wardrobe. The more I look at it, the more I’m considering getting one for myself too.:) On a side note, Forever21 has a black and white sheer polka dot shirt that would work great as a layering piece.

Look #7

Look #7- Bright Dress, Black Blazer

If i’m wearing a bright dress, I like to tone it down with some neutral colors. For this look, I’m keeping the accessories to a minimum since the dress already has that loud pop of color. I know I say this often but blazers are a great way to transform your dresses and sleeveless tops from summer to fall.  They come in so many different colors, materials, lengths, and styles that you can really make it work with any outfit. This dress has such bright colors that are summer appropriate. The addition of a black blazer and neutral accessories tones it down so you can make it fall ready too. This dress is on sale at BCBG, receive 20% off at checkout automatically and and you can use this code, AF25BC713, to get 25% off sale items plus this code, WELCOME2013, to get 15% off your entire order. You can also find it on eBay for less by searching for the Blaire color-blocked sheath dress.

Look #8Look #8-Rainy Day Look

Swap out your strappy sandals for rain boots or black or brown ankle booties as shown above. This small change makes the look cold-weather appropriate and lets you add some actual mileage to your summer dresses. With all the rain this season, rainboots are a must for the fall. I love these boots from Hunter in black or this Tiffany blue color. Paired with a casual sweater dress and a trench, this look can keep you stylish even in crummy weather. Nordstrom has a great selection of scarves in a variety of colors, plus they have free shipping and free returns.

Look #9Look #10- Blue Skirt

Adding a light leather jacket here makes a seemingly formal blouse and pencil skirt combination become a bit more edgy. Pair with sheer stockings or tights to stay warm in this transient weather. This three-tone envelope clutch is on sale at BCBG and you can use this code, AF25BC713, to get 25% off sale items plus this code, WELCOME2013, to get 15% off your entire order.

Look #10Look #9- Sweater Skirt

This skirt is actually made out of a sweater material, which is great for fall weather or an air-conditioned office anytime of the year. Pair with a colored blazer if you’re looking for that extra little something.  Bonus, this blouse is on sale at ASOS. Go through Ebates to get cash back on purchases made through a wide selection of stores, including ASOS.

The key to stepping into fall is color shifts and layering. Take the time to experiment and see what works for you and your closet. Wearing summer dresses and maxi’s with layers of blazers, scarves, and tights allows you to get more use out of your favorite summer clothing. Adding subtle changes like darker colors in your beauty routine offers another element of change. When in doubt, throw your hair into a ballerina bun, add some burgundy lips, and you’re ready to walk out in a white t-shirt, your favorite jeans, and a blazer. Most importantly, have fun with it and see what you can come up with as you try to blend the seasons together.

Which of these looks would you try? Which one is your most and least favorite?  Have you already rocked something similar? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the outfits. Please do a piece on cute maternity outfits b/c I have not bought any maternity clothes as they are all so hideous! BTW, you are totally dressing our baby once she gets a bit older :). Miss you love you!

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