Lokal Hotel in Old City, Philadelphia

IMG_reformation-carina-dress-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay IMG_reformation-carina-dress-joie-over-the-knee-boots-club-monaco-camel-coat-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay IMG_reformation-carina-dress-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog IMG_Lokal-hotel-old-city-philadelphia-boutique-hotel-where-to-stay

As someone who oneives in Philadelphia, I don’t often have the chance to experience Philadelphia from a visitor’s perspective. I haven’t done most of the tourist-like activities people love to do in Philly but I did have the chance to stay locally at a hotel that was different than past travel experiences. Staying at the Lokal Hotel in Old City gave me the opportunity to experience Philadelphia in a new way, almost as though I was visiting for the first time.

what to do, where to eat, where to stay

I often get questions on what to do, where to eat, and where to stay in Philly. Lokal Hotel is right in the middle of one of my favorite neighborhoods, Old City. The front entry of the hotel is small and sets the tone for your entire experience. Upon entering the room, it’s clear that much thought and attention to detail went into the space. I felt like I was entering my own apartment, only more expertly designed. The room is set up as an open-concept design with large windows looking out to the cobblestone streets of Old City. It all feels very European.

Some things I personally loved: Parisian vibes, the snuggly bed with Parachute linens, waffle robes, a separate bedroom (perfect for putting the kids to bed early), vintage furniture and the whimsical art throughout the room. It’s all very beautiful and fun to look at. The room has that eclectic newness feeling yet still feels warm and cozy.


Attention to detail

Lokal is the first “invisible service” boutique hotel in Philadelphia. With the concept of invisible service, there is no lobby, room service, attendants or similar elements that you may find in a traditional hotel. I loved this because it made for an uninterrupted, quiet, laid back experience.

You literally just show up, key in your code and enter with no lines, crowds or formalities involved. I stayed in the Tina two-bedroom flat and felt like I was in my own Parisian apartment. Here I am pretending I just woke up in Paris. A girl can dream. The room was immaculate, full of character and really quite charming.

Every room has a kitchen so you can stay in and cook like a local (or Lokal, see what I did there?), order in or explore the town. For those that are technologically-inclined, there is an iPAD to play music, order food or get local recommendations. There is so much to do in the neighborhood, from exploring cute shops, sightseeing in the historic district, and eating at some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. Fun fact, I shoot most of my blog photos in Old City. Once you visit, you’ll understand why! On a side note, Zahav is my personal favorite restaurant for Israeli food but book in advance!

Lastly, the bathroom. My photographer, Shelby, and I went all out and photographed every square inch of this place. Some things that caught my eye-the subway tile, a clawfoot tub that I took full advantage of, the locally produced beer shampoo, and the gold accents. Speaking of clawfoot tub, I’ve always wanted to take a glamorous photo in a stand alone tub so thank you Lokal hotel for providing me with this long-awaited opportunity!

IMG_reformation-carina-dress-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog IMG_reformation-carina-dress-joie-over-the-knee-boots-club-monaco-camel-coat-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog Lokal hotel in Old City Philadelphia_Reformation_1500_14 IMG_reformation-carina-dress-joie-over-the-knee-boots-club-monaco-camel-coat-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog IMG_reformation-carina-dress-joie-over-the-knee-boots-club-monaco-camel-coat-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog IMG_reformation-carina-dress-joie-over-the-knee-boots-club-monaco-camel-coat-top-dresses-reformation-philly-blogger-philadelphia-blog Lokal hotel in Old City Philadelphia_Reformation_1500_14

It’s like having a really cool friend lend you her apartment in old city for the weekend

If I didn’t live in Philly, this would be the place I would gravitate to for my stay. In fact, I may book a night here anyway for a little staycation. The main reason I loved it is because this is how I like to travel when I explore the world outside of our beautiful city of Philadelphia. I love staying in boutique hotels in the heart of neighborhoods and feeling like a local rather than a tourist. If you’re looking for a fun adventure and a chance to get fully emerged in a neighborhood, this is the place for you.

Thank you to the Lokal Hotel for having me!

Outfit details: Dress: Reformation // Camel coat: Club Monaco (similar here) // Boots: Joie (similar here)

Credits: Photos by Shelby I Location: Lokal Hotel 

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