Great Coffee Shops in Philadelphia

One of my favorite weekend morning activities is going to a local coffee shop and having a good cup of coffee. During the week, I typically make coffee at home and drink it on my way to work, making my commute so much more tolerable. However, Sunday mornings are for taking your time. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops in Philly:

Great coffee shops in Philadelphia

La Colombe 

Address: 1335 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Best coffee shops Philadelphia



There are plenty of places in Philly that serve La Colombe coffee, but the most impressive in my opinion is this flagship location in Fishtown. Formerly a warehouse, this cafe has high ceilings, exposed brick, steel accents and fits in nicely in Fishtown. I used to come here often during my maternity leave to meet up with other moms in the area or to do some writing. My go-to order was the Wild Smoked Salmon tartan and a latte, which I would savor while Perry slept quietly in the stroller. Those were the days where I could take her anywhere and she would sleep peacefully in the stroller. She’s now a toddler and always looking for the next big thing around her. There is no wifi, which some may consider a downside, but I like it because it forces me to write freely without checking social media every 10 minutes.

One Shot

Address: 217 W. George St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee

With a whimsical interior and upstairs library, I can sit here for hours drinking Stumptown coffee and snacking on house-made pastries. The lower level fills up quickly so J and I recently did some exploring upstairs. Every corner is filled with an eclectic combination of books, family heirlooms and rustic antiques. It’s the perfect backdrop for family bunch.

Reanimator Coffee

Address: 310 Master St, Philadelphia, PA 19122 and 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee

Another great spot in Fishtown, this café is a former elevator factory turned coffee oasis with gorgeous interiors and a wide-open space. Sourcing coffees from Ethiopa and Guatemala, the company is committed to producing a good cup of coffee. When I’m in the mood to treat myself, I’ll stop by on my way to work and get a cup to go.


Address: 1206 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee

Serving La Colombe Corsica Blend coffee and uniquely flavored dishes, Root has a spectacular brunch menu. I personally look forward to the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes all week long. We worry about bringing our toddler to nice restaurants because you never know how things will go down but the staff is exceptional. They go above and beyond to be accommodating and provide little coloring books and crayons for some easy entertainment. I’m excited to go in the summer time for some coffee and people watching when the front outdoor seating area is available.


Address: 207 S. Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 19102



The atmosphere here is exactly what you would want in a coffee shop. It’s cozy and inviting with beautiful décor that mixes rustic and industrial elements. The coffee is delicious and the staff is extremely friendly. They also feature interior and exterior art installations so the scenery is always changing. Overall, a beautiful and somewhat hidden spot in Center City.

Front Street Café

Address: 1253 N. Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee IMG_great-coffee-shops-philadelphia-best-coffee

With a coffee shop, juice bar, beer garden, and a menu featuring farm-to-table, locally sourced ingredients, I love coming here on weekends when I have a few hours to spare. My go-to is the avocado toast with a super green smoothie. Most noteworthy, the menu is long and diversified so there’s something for everyone here.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Philadelphia? What is it? Do you live outside of Philadelphia? What is the best coffee shop in your city?


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